The Fantastic Corgi is the new set of animated stickers for WhatsApp

A new set of animated stickers has been launched by messaging app WhatsApp: how to download The Fantastic Corgi.

Stickers are animated stickers that have been gaining popularity on WhatsApp over the years. The availability of sets of funny stickers increases and now there is a new protagonist for stickers: The Fantastic Corgi.

First came the stickers in 2018, then WhatsApp relaunched with the arrival in June 2020 of animated stickers. Since then, users can choose from a wide variety of sticker sets that they can use to liven up their chats with friends and that are periodically updated by the developers. In addition to adding more animated stickers among those already downloaded, you can install new ones with many cute protagonists.

The Fantastic Corgi: the cute animated stickers

The new set of animated stickers available in WhatsApp chats for Android and iOS users are called The Fantastic Corgi and were created by Candice Savira. The protagonist of this cute set of stickers is a Corgi dog, which is considered a dwarf dog and whose breed has Welsh origins. Corgi dogs are much loved by Queen Elizabeth of England, who is the owner of several specimens, but according to legend they are "enchanted dogs" that were also adored by fairies and elves, because creatures always ready to help others.

WhatsApp, how to download the new The Fantastic Corgi stickers

Downloading the new set of The Fantastic Corgi stickers is very simple. After opening the WhatsApp app you have to open the chat with one of your contacts, then tap on the emoji icon and select the sticker icon. In the gray box that opens, tap on the "+" symbol on the right, which allows you to access the screen where all the stickers to download are present.

Scroll down the list of stickers until The Fantastic Corgi and then tap on the downward-pointing arrow on the right, which allows you to start the download. The new set of stickers will then be downloaded and to check its details you can tap on "My stickers" in the top right corner to see all the saved sets, learn about the various stickers in detail, reorder the packs or even delete the ones you no longer use.

WhatsApp: how to use The Fantastic Corgi stickers

Using The Fantastic Corgi animated stickers is very simple, since the operation is similar to that of other animated stickers. After opening a chat with a contact, you'll be able to tap on the emoji icon and then on the stickers icon at the bottom right, so as to open the set of animated stickers. By tapping on the one you choose to make the conversation more fun, it will be sent to the chat.