The features of Amazfit Band 5, the low-cost smart bracelet

Huami prepares for the launch of the Amazfit Band 5 smart bracelet. The first rumors about the features: AMOLED display, integrated GPS and 125 mAh battery

Amazfit Band 5, the low-cost smart bracelet from Huami, is ready for market launch. The smart bracelet offers a host of features to monitor your workout, measures your heart rate and can even be used underwater up to 50 meters deep.

The first rumors about AmazFit Band 5's features come after it was certified by the Federal Communication Commission (FCC) in the United States. Huami's smart bracelet is set to compete with its analogues from Xiaomi and Realme, specifically the Mi Band 5 and Realme Band. The products have very similar spec sheets, making the difference as usual will be the price. According to rumors, competition between the devices will not be a problem, especially for Huami and Xiaomi, since the smart bands aim at different markets.

Amazfit Band 5, the technical specifications

The low-cost smart band from Huami will feature a color AMOLED display with high brightness, to ensure that it can be consulted even in direct sunlight. The device with built-in GPS records heart activity data and offers users various modes for monitoring sports activities. According to rumors, an automatic function allows to detect if we start a new training session and offers to monitor it.

Not only outdoor sports: Amazfit Band 5 is also suitable for those who practice activities in the water, with Huami guaranteeing its resistance up to 5 ATM. Excellent performance also for the 125 mAh battery, the same one that comes with Xiaomi's Mi Band 5, with the duration in average use estimated at 3 weeks. There is also the Bluetooth 5.0 LE technology. For a detailed data sheet and the first photos of the low-cost smart band, however, we will have to wait again.

Amazfit Band 5, price and release date

The release date of Amazfit Band 5 has not yet been announced by Huami, but the certification issued by the U.S. FCC suggests that its arrival on the market is very close indeed. The company at the moment has neither confirmed nor denied the rumors in circulation.

The price of this smart band also remains a mystery at the moment, but some considerations can be made. If  Huami is preparing to launch a model similar to the Mi Band 5, the price could be similar to that of its rival/brother. We could therefore expect a price range between 23 euros and 28 euros, for a possible model equipped with NFC. In the event that the hardware solution was of higher level, the cost of the Amazfit Band 5 could also be higher. All hypotheses for now: we just have to wait for official information directly from Huami.