The Ferragnez: what the first episodes are about and when the last ones arrive

The first episodes of the series on the Ferragnez are funny and very intimate, but the last ones will be the most beautiful, Chiara Ferragni's word

After much anticipation, on December 9 the TV series on Chiara Ferragni and Fedez debuted on Amazon Prime Video. The Ferragnez is a docu-reality that tells the most intimate and less known to the general public of one of the most famous families in the world, the one composed by the digital entrepreneur and influencer and the rapper.

The content tells all the nuances of the couple, managing to outline the differences between two strong personalities: Chiara's one appears more positive, while Fedez's is swinging and tends to be less optimistic. Together, thanks to the help of psychotherapy, they realize that they are more similar than they think, because they share the deepest values of their lives, such as their family of origin, their son Leone and Vittoria, who in the first episodes was not yet born. In short, the series is a real journey that will end with the arrival of the last episodes in December.

The Ferragnez: everything about the first episodes

The series The Ferragnez gets straight to the point, since the first episode the audience is catapulted into the life of the family Ferragni-Lucia, and in particular the common thread of all episodes is the couple's therapy. From the very first episode, Fede and Chiara Ferragni appear to be sitting in front of the therapist who stimulates them to reflect on their relationship, on their character differences and on how to best manage them.

In the midst of all this, the daily life of two characters is narrated, who from the very beginning appear very different from each other but very close and, above all, with two very strong and well characterized personalities. There is no lack of intervention of their families of origin, which for both have a central role. And of course there are tender moments with their firstborn son Leone.

For example, it is told the arrival of Fedez at home disguised as Santa Claus, but that does not mislead Leo who immediately recognizes his father, who remains disappointed, especially because he has faced hours of makeup. In addition, the vacation in Como during the Christmas season of 2020 is also shown. To the intimate and family daily routine are added the work commitments of both, from Chiara Ferragni's company, to the preparation for Fedez's Sanremo, but not only.

Professional projects, family, intimacy: the two protagonists must manage to keep this system in balance, without forgetting to preserve their love, intimacy. In fact, in a funny episode they take a trip alone in the mountains and are involved in a game that the therapist gave them.

When the last episodes come out

The series is composed of eight episodes: the first five are already available, while the last three will arrive on December 16, a week after the release of the first ones. Chiara Ferragni in one of her Stories on Instagram announced that the best episodes will be the last ones; so, all that remains is to wait for their release on Amazon Prime Video.

How to watch The Ferragnez for free

The Ferragnez is an Amazon Prime Video exclusive, so you can only watch it if you are a Prime user (Amazon Prime Video is included in your Amazon Prime subscription). However, you can watch The Ferragnez for free thanks to the free trial period made available by Amazon for all new Prime subscribers. Activating the trial in fact, you will get free for 30 days the opportunity to see all the content of Amazon Prime Video, and then decide whether to confirm the subscription or cancel it.

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