The first photo taken with an iPhone? A chocolate cookie

Taken by David Gallagher, it is also one of the first images ever taken by an iPhone to be published on the internet

September will be a very important month for Apple. The Californian company will present, in fact, the iPhone 8, a device towards which a certain expectation has been created. Especially considering that this year marks the 10th anniversary of the launch of the first iPhone.

In the meantime, anecdotes and curiosities begin to surface on the web around the history of the iPhone. For example, would you like to know what is one of the first photographs taken by Apple's smartphone? (And one of the first images to be posted on the net?). It is that of a chocolate cookie. Its author is David Gallagher, currently director of communications at Kickstarter. The journalist, managed in 2007 to get his hands on one of the first iPhone models and the curiosity to try the camera encouraged him to take a picture of the first thing he had in front of him: a chocolate cookie. 

The story of the photo of the chocolate cookie

It was January 2007 and at the time of the facts Gallagher was working at The New York Times, where Steve Jobs went to show the iPhone, which the company had just announced. Several smartphones were distributed in the editorial office and Gallagher stealthily took the picture, which he then sent to himself via email.

Subsequently, without including any description or tag (for fear of Apple, which has a bad relationship with leaks), the author of the image of the "century" published the shot on Flickr, one of the main online photo platforms. Without knowing it, Gallagher had immortalized a piece of history: one of the first images taken with the iPhone.