The first robot policeman in Dubai enters service

The robot, which runs on Android, will support the work of the Arab city's law enforcement agencies and will be joined by other examples in the coming years

Robots represent the future. They will help companies improve production processes, enable the prevention of many diseases, assist the elderly and much more. In Dubai, for example, robots will support law enforcement agencies in the fight against crime in the coming years.

The Dubai Police has, in fact, enlisted the first robot police officer in its ranks. It is an intelligent machine with human features and a display. The peculiar guardian of order, which was made by PAL Robotics, a Spanish company, represents an important experiment for the capital of one of the seven states of the United Arab Emirates. Dubai, in fact, hopes that by 2030 the number of robots will make up 25 percent of the Police . The police robot, which was unveiled at the Golf Information Security Conference, weighs about 100 kilograms and is one and a half meters tall.

The Dubai Police Robot

The police robot, according to the company that developed it, can be controlled remotely or continue on its own. It comes with a battery, which is easily removable and lasts up to eight hours, and runs on the Android operating system. PAL Robotics' smart device will start roaming the streets of the Arab city in a few days. The humanoid will support Dubai's law enforcement in a number of ways. It will, for example, be able to detect and report a crime. The smart recruit will not, at least for the time being, be able to chase or arrest a suspect.

It speaks 6 languages

As anticipated, an important element of the police robot is artificial intelligence. The machine designed by the Spanish company, in fact, will be able to recognize people with an accuracy that for now reaches 80%. The robot will be able to be used by citizens and tourists to ask for information (the robot speaks 6 languages) and also to pay fines.