The flying and amphibious car funded by Google’s dad

Flyer is one of the first aircraft of Kitty Hawk, a startup backed by Google co-founder Larry Page, which aims to make flying cars

Flying cars are no longer a pipe dream. Many companies are investing in this new sector: Uber, Airbus and also Larry Page. For those who don't know, Larry Page is one of the inventors of Google and one of the richest men in the world. Thanks to the company Kitty Hawk, Larry Page and his partner Sebastian Thrun - the original inventor of Mountain View's self-driving car - have performed the first tests of their flying car.

The two would like to start selling the Flyer by the end of this year, so this is not a concept but an aircraft that will arrive in the very near future. Kitty Hawk performed the pilot test on a lake near San Francisco - according to rumors reported by the New York Times - and, as you can see from the video, Flyer looks more like a motorcycle than a real car, with a design that leaves it completely uncovered and floating pontoons to make it easier to land on water. The NYT reports that the single-pilot vehicle boasts eight rotors and is quite noisy.

Flying cars coming soon

Kitty Hawk Flyer falls into a category of ultralight aircraft that does not require a pilot's license under current FAA regulations, though it can only be used in lightly frequented areas. The final version will be quiet and, in all likelihood, quite different as well, although the basic idea will remain the same. Although it is not yet possible to purchase a Flyer, those who wish to do so can pay $100 to become a "Flyer Discovery Member," an opportunity that offers access to Kitty Hawk information before it is made public, a flight simulator, and the chance to watch live demonstrations.

Opening video taken from YouTube

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