The foldable iPhone will be made and it will be an incredible success

According to one of the world's top iPhone experts, Apple's first foldable smartphone will arrive in two years and will immediately sell a lot.

The foldable iPhone will arrive in 2023. Apparently it would no longer be a mere guess to support what will be the first smartphone from Apple flexible screen. It seems it is now only a matter of time to divide the public of Cupertino fans from being able to touch the first foldable specimen of the bitten apple.

To give the news first was the website MacRumors. The information comes from a note produced by an authoritative voice in the industry, the analyst specializing in Apple products Ming-Chi Kuo. The expert has in fact unveiled not only the date but also some of the features that will complete the technical profile of the first foldable of Cupertino (which has been talked about for years, as we have told you several times). In addition to this, Kuo has also added some data of particular importance on what will be the likely results of sales, so as to presage even now a staggering success from the point of view of future sales of the device.

iPhone foldable, as it will be according to Kuo

According to the analyst, the first foldable iPhone will feature a foldable OLED screen with QHD+ resolution of 8 inches. The panel will be produced exclusively for Apple by SDC while, as for the DDI (Display Driver Integrated Circuits), the production will be entrusted to Samsung Foundry.

To this, then, would also add the touch silver nanowire technology, given the advantages over the Y-Octa technology of SDC and the possibility of creating screens with multiple folds from the volume contained. So there are several information that can already help to give a shape, at least in theory, to what will be the screen of the foldable Apple.

iPhone foldable, an early success?

As anticipated, another detail not negligible will be that of the public response that would be intended to collect the first foldable apple phone in history. Apple, according to the expert's calculations, could reach a production of 15-20 million units, in line with the expected success of the foldable in the next two years.

For Kuo, Cupertino should even get the primacy among the companies that will include among their smartphones foldable models. This would provide a boost to the entire industry, so as to make these types of devices from the particular form factor of the absolute "must-have" for major brands, which may decide to replace the old models with this type of devices.

iPhone foldable, the confirmation of the date

According to Kuo, the date of 2023 could still be subject to change because to make it all possible Apple should first resolve some issues related to the technologies used and mass production of the phone. Although the development has not yet started, as confirmed in the note, the plans could now be mature given the details on the screen now more and more concrete.