The four shortcuts to speed up Android

The great freedom of Android allows you to use shortcuts to speed up its use: you can reject a call by sending a message

You don't become the most used mobile operating system in the world by accident. Google has done an excellent job with Android, continuously supporting it with new updates and patches that solve problems related to the security of the operating system.

Moreover, the various companies that produce smartphones and tablets have had the opportunity to customize Android according to their needs and adapting it to the device they had made. Logically, it is possible to improve the use of Android by exploiting small tricks that few people know. In most cases these are small tricks that speed up the mobile operating system enormously. They range from the ability to activate the smartphone camera by pressing just one button on the smartphone to rejecting a call by sending an SMS. Here are the Android shortcuts that will make your life easier.

Reject incoming calls

Calls from call centers are a real daily torment. Fortunately, Android allows you to manage a blacklist with numbers you don't want to answer. By entering the contact in the list, the call will be rejected automatically or, in case, an SMS will be sent warning you to call back later.

Open the camera automatically

This simple shortcut won't change your life, but it will make it easier to open the camera. If your phone is locked just use a shortcut to access the camera directly. The trick varies depending on the model: for example on devices that use a stock version of Android, it will be necessary to press the power button twice consecutively, instead on 2015-2016 Samsung smartphones it will be enough to press the home button twice. LG has patented a different system: you'll have to press the home button twice to decrease the volume (the trick doesn't work on all devices).

Add Contacts widget

To instantly call your favorite contacts, just add the Contacts widget directly to the smartphone screen.

Activate OK Google

"OK Google" is the Android phrase that replaces "Hey Siri" on the iPhone. Usually you use it with the smartphone "unlocked", but few people know that you can also use the personal assistant from the lock screen. To do so, however, you'll have to activate the function via Settings.