The Galaxy S10+’s screen is the best on the market

The new Samsung Galaxy S10+ has an unparalleled screen, considered the best on the market. Read all the features now

Aside from a few rare exceptions, smartphone displays have evolved tremendously in recent years, receiving much acclaim from experts and consumers alike. Manufacturers strive day after day to come up with truly unique and competitive devices. Among all, the AMOLED screen of the Galaxy S10+ stands out, which is considered the best on the market.

The primacy was given to it by the authoritative platform DisplayMate. After several tests, the Samsung smartphone received an Excellent A+, one of the best grades ever awarded by the system. Already a year ago, the Galaxy S9 had obtained excellent results: its screen had been among the first to get excellent ratings in every category, up to a vote that had left everyone speechless. The S9's screen had even removed the iPhone X's display from the throne. Today, the Korean company is the protagonist of a new record: the Samsung Galaxy S10+ has an unparalleled screen.

Samsung Galaxy S10+, the characteristics of the screen

Samsung officially presented the new smartphone Galaxy S10 Plus on February 20 in San Francisco, immediately arousing the enthusiasm of experts and consumers.

The top of the range is characterized by a giant screen (6.4 inches), a ceramic body and technical specifications that have nothing to envy to a computer. Compared to the other two models in the range (Galaxy S10 Lite and Galaxy S10), the premium version will therefore have a larger and more powerful display.

After several tests by DisplayMate, the AMOLED screen of the Galaxy S10 Plus is officially the best on the market. It is distinguished by HDR10 certification, a quality standard designed for devices that play High Dynamic Range (HDR) video. This document certifies that the screen always delivers maximum brightness and color accuracy scene after scene, without lag or other deficits.

The S10 Plus' display has other impressive peculiarities. For example, it is the brightest of any smartphone, with a peak brightness of 1215 nits. To be clear, its brightness is 17% higher than the Galaxy S9. Color accuracy also scored highly: according to DisplayMate, it borders on perfection in both absolute color reproduction, contrasts, and intensity scaling. In fact, in the Noticeable Color Difference (JNCD) category it achieves a grade of 0.4 in the DCI-P3 shade range, improving greatly over the Galaxy S9, which instead had a grade of 0.7 in the category. The tests also reveal that the screen of the new Samsung, despite being brighter than the previous version, ensures greater energy efficiency.

Among the various mentions obtained by the display is also the 100% Color Gamut with respect to Digital Cinema Initiatives (DCI-P3) coverage. This means it offers the same color gamut used in cinema projections. Finally, it has been awarded VDE Germany Certification because it is capable of reproducing 100% color volume at a contrast ratio of 2,000,000:1. In short, the screen offers the ultimate visual experience for the user. The difference can be seen at a glance, which is precisely why many users can't wait to get their hands on the Galaxy S10+ and enjoy its record-breaking qualities.