The Galaxy S11 will have a screen that unfolds

Samsung has obtained a patent on a smartphone with a flexible screen that expands outward. The system could debut on the Galaxy S10

Despite the step back it had to take on the Galaxy Fold, Samsung continues to explore the idea of making devices with screens that are foldable, roll-up or, in some way, expandable by the user. The latest patent of the Korean company shows in fact a smartphone with the screen that "grows", widening horizontally.

As always happens with patents, it is not said that they become reality.

As always happens with patents, it is not certain that they will become reality. Compared to other solutions, however, the latter would seem more realistic, because it is easier to achieve. Said in a nutshell: the smartphone with the screen closed is a normal device, but you can pull to the right the frame and slide on slides (or something similar) the display to enlarge it. The final size is that of two smartphones side by side, with a practically square form factor. In the meantime, however, we're still waiting for the official launch of the Galaxy Fold.

Will it debut in the Galaxy 11?

Many believe that this solution may debut soon, even in next year's Samsung Galaxy 11, because there are two facts: the first is that, one way or another, by the end of this year Samsung will finally release the Galaxy Fold; the second is that a virtually identical system has been patented for gaming laptops, a few weeks ago. Many doubts will be removed in a few days, during the Galaxy Unpacked event on August 7 during which the new Samsung Galaxy Note 10 will be presented.

What happened to the Galaxy Fold?

A couple of weeks ago the CEO of Samsung's mobile division DJ Koh told the Korean press, referring to the Galaxy Fold: "I admit I was wrong about the foldable smartphone, but we're making up for it". This suggests that there is still hope to see the final Fold on the market, also because, always from the Korean press, there are even news of a possible successor of the Galaxy Fold, with a screen that no longer folds inward but outward.

What happened to the competitors?

It should be noted, however, that it is not only Samsung to have problems with foldable screens: even Huawei has announced a foldable smartphone but has not yet launched it on the market. However, according to the Chinese press, the arrival of the long-awaited Huawei Mate X would not be far away: to witness it there is an image of a poster published on the social Weibo, from which you can read most of the specifications of the device. This poster would be a sales poster, a sign that the device would be almost ready for marketing.