The golden Wii for Queen Elizabeth II is for sale on eBay

This is a unique piece made for the British crown, which also has a story to tell.

There is a Nintendo Wii that is worth a fortune: it is a unique piece, in 24 carat gold, made in 2009 for Queen Elizabeth II. After various vicissitudes it ended up in the hands of a collector, who now sells it on eBay at a price worthy of a Queen.

To be honest, however, this console of extra-luxury, the Queen of England has never used it and even less received it because its high value far exceeded the one allowed by the regulation on promotional initiatives of the Royal Family. Eight years later, the golden Wii console was bought by a Dutch collector, who jealously guarded it until a few days ago, when he put it up for sale. How much? A lot, very much: 300,000 U.S. dollars. We contacted the person who put it up for sale and he told us the story of this unique piece.

The story of the golden Wii

The most expensive Wii ever was built in 2006 by Nintendo, as a normal Wii, like all the others. Then, in 2009, the video game developer THQ (the one of the WWE SmackDown series) decided to modify it and "enrich" it a lot, turning it into a promotional item.

The idea was to give it to Queen Elizabeth II together with the video game Big Family Games, to promote the title. As already mentioned, however, the Queen had to refuse the gift and the console returned to the hands of THQ. The company, then, in 2013 went bankrupt and many of its assets were put up for sale or auction.

In 2017, the console was bought by Donny Fillerup of who, now, sells it on eBay.

Golden Wii: why it's for sale

Donny Fillerup of consoles (not only Nintendo) has all types and in all variants: in total, he owns 350. We contacted him by phone to find out how he started his collection and, above all, why he is selling his most prized piece.

You have more consoles than games. Where did this passion come from?

I started as a kid when my parents bought me a Nintendo 64 and my first game was Zelda. Later, I bought the Nintendo GameCube with my own money and then continued. Every console, every limited edition, tells a story. I chose to collect consoles and not games because they are the most important part: if you don't have the console, you can't play any game.

Why do you want to sell the highlight of your collection?

I decided to move on with my life, so I put the rarest piece of my collection up for sale to buy a house.

As an enthusiast, what are the most anticipated new releases from Nintendo?"

Good question. In this case I would talk about games. The most anticipated are definitely the new chapters of Zelda and Metroid.

Turning to the Queen's talk, what Nintendo game do you think she might like the most?

She never revealed it, but according to some rumors it seems that Queen Elizabeth II likes to play Bowling on Wii Sports. It's just a rumor, but this could definitely be her game.