The hidden features of the iPhone SE 2020

Apple did not reveal some features of the iPhone SE, such as RAM and battery. But some insiders have anticipated them: here are all the secrets of the smartphone

On yesterday (April 15) Apple presented the new iPhone SE 2020, low-cost smartphone that raises the ambitions of the Cupertino company in the mid-range. It's been four years (since the release of the first iPhone SE) that Apple hasn't launched a smartphone with these features: low price and technical card with interesting cues.

In contrast to the classic presentations that Apple organizes with the press, the iPhone SE 2020 was announced through a simple press release: the fault is the Covid-19 pandemic that does not allow to organize events and gatherings of people. Nel comunicato stampa di presentazione dell’iPhone SE 2020, però, mancano alcune caratteristiche dello smartphone, come ad esempio il quantitativo di RAM e la batteria. Informazioni, che sono state già diffuse dai soliti insider ben informati. Ecco, quindi, quali sono le caratteristiche nascoste dell’iPhone SE 2020.

RAM e batteria di iPhone SE 2020

screenshot-305-1.jpgFonte foto: Redazione

Per scoprire i prezzi dell’iPhone 11, non devi far altro che cliccare sull’immagine

Come spesso accade nella presentazione dei suoi dispositivi, Apple non divulga tutte le informazioni sui suoi dispositivi. Ad esempio, dell’iPhone SE 2020 non si conosce il quantitativo di RAM e la potenza della batteria. On this second aspect, Apple has only communicated in the presentation video that the autonomy allows you to get to the end of the day without too many problems.

According to the operator China Telecom, the battery of the iPhone SE 2020 should be 1821 mAh, the same as the iPhone 8, for a range of about 13 hours with a fairly stressful use of the smartphone.

As for the RAM, however, should be 3 gigabytes of memory on the smartphone.

All this information, logically are to be taken with due caution: until you can get your hands on the iPhone SE 2020 (April 24) to disassemble it, it is almost impossible to know all the features of the smartphone.

iPhone SE 2020, what's missing

With a launch price below 500 euros, logically Apple had to cut on some front. One of them is the U1 chip. This is a component that made its debut on the iPhone 11 and will remain a prerogative of this smartphone. In fact, it is not present on the new 2020 iPhone SE.

Another lack is the FaceID. Apple's three-dimensional facial recognition system needs expensive sensors, which is why Apple has turned to the cheaper TouchID. TouchID that will surely make happy all those who do not see eye to eye with the facial recognition system.