The house of paper 5 from today on Netflix: what we will see

Today the curtain opens, after five years, on the big finale for the gang with the face of Dali: everyone on the Netflix platform from 9:00

The big day is here: Volume I, with the first five episodes of the fifth and final season of the house of paper is finally available on Netflix. The wait for fans is over and now it's time, episode by episode, to find out what will happen to the most famous and popular gang of the streaming platform.

Since today the adventures of the Professor, Tokyo, Lisbon, Denver, Rio, Berlin, Helsinki & Company are heading towards the conclusion. The first episodes of this fifth season of the paper house are available from 9.00 this morning. The war has begun. It took a good four years to write the end to this television phenomenon, one of the most watched series on Netflix and perhaps in the history of television. Da oggi sono online i primi cinque frenetici episodi ambientati in nuove bellissime location, mentre per gli ultimi cinque, più introspettivi, dovremmo aspettare il 3 dicembre. Quello che vedremo è un gruppo che è diventato una famiglia.

Cosa aspettarsi dal Volume I

La casa di carta 5 è tornata con la sua grinta e il suo mordente che tanto ha fatto innamorare milioni di fan. L’ideatore della casa del papel aveva più volte annunciato la straordinarietà della quinta stagione e non rimarremo delusi, anche se non sapremo mai da dove è nata l’idea machiavellica della rapina.

I primi due episodi della quinta stagione riprendono il discorso lasciato in sospeso oltre un anno fa, nell’atto conclusivo del "Piano di Parigi", ultimo episodio della quarta. Lo sviluppo della storia si articola su tre livelli di narrazione diversi.

Il primo è il caos all’interno della Banca di Spagna: Lisbona si è appena ricongiunta al gruppo che patisce il duro colpo della perdita di Nairobi. The second one is the one where nervousness reigns supreme inside the Colonel's tent, who doesn't know what to do anymore, and the third and last level is the one in the bunker where the Professor has to deal with the fierce Sierra, who is pregnant but thirsty for revenge after being sent away because of her responsibilities that emerged in the Rio torture video.

The main objective changes, nobody thinks about gold anymore, but about safeguarding lives, reducing human losses and surviving what seems to be an apocalypse. The plan is to regain freedom. The path to salvation sees some of the women of the group regain confidence and self-awareness, leaving aside their fragility and enlightening the group towards the exit from the tunnel into which the whole gang has fallen.

The past returns and collides with the present

The flashbacks that characterize these first new episodes are varied. Tokyo, who seems lucid after the loss of her best friend, remembers the death of her great love Renè, tragically lost during a robbery years before. He finally has a face and it is that of Miguel Ángel Silvestre, who has already collaborated in another production of Alex Pina: Sky Rojo. Stockholm thinks back to his son whom he fears he will never be able to embrace again.

A new super-soldier ready to make a massacre live on national television pops up, and in all this the Professor's chess game continues: the Houdini, of thugs for the police. Those who at the beginning were the thieves and criminals dress the clothes, red and masked of the new warriors for freedom. Like a big family they unite, resist, find strength once again, despite the heavy machine gunfire of the first two episodes.