The House of Paper 5: Netflix announces release date and plot

The fifth and final season of The House of Paper is finally coming to streaming. It will be divided into two parts: here are the release dates and plot.

The grand finale of The House of Paper is approaching: Netflix has released all the official information on the TV series, which fans have been waiting for months. Among the most important news released by the platform are the release dates of the fifth season, which will be divided into two parts, and images from the set with all the protagonists of the story.

The news is very valuable for the audience, which has been waiting for more than a year for the release of the final chapter. In recent weeks, the main actors, from Alvaro Morte to Miguel Herrán, have finished filming and said goodbye to their characters. Now all that remains is to wait for the new episodes. Álex Pina said he was very pleased with the finale, he himself called it "spectacular". The last episode of the fourth season had ended in a chaotic way, with the Professor taken by surprise by Alicia Sierra, who discovers his hiding place. Who knows what will happen in the new episodes. The curiosity increases especially after the publication of the official images of the set.

The House of Paper: images reveal chaos

The first images of The House of Paper 5 have arrived on the web. Netflix released them with a press release announcing a spectacular fifth season: the robbery continues and the war is coming. But above all, the leader of the gang has lost control: the Professor after being discovered is abandoned to his fate? There are really a lot of questions that the new episodes will have to answer.

During the fifth season, the gang will be forced to pull out their claws to survive, especially now that they have no clear plan and risk losing the most important battle. Álex Pina promises his audience a finale with fireworks. After all, we are talking about the most important Spanish TV series in the world.

We will find Lisbon, who is safe in the Bank with his companions, but also Tokyo, Rio, Denver and all the others.

Trama La casa di carta 5

The gang of thieves has been in the bank for more than 100 hours: they have saved Lisbon, but they have lost a companion. Meanwhile, the Professor is out of the picture: he was found and captured by Detective Sierra. For the first time, he can't lead his comrades and doesn't even have an escape plan. As if that weren't enough, the army arrives. The heist officially becomes a no-holds-barred war.

The House of Paper 5: Release Dates

The fifth season of The House of Paper will be released in two parts, the first will be released on September 3, while the second will be available from December 3, 2021 on Netflix.