The House of Paper 5, when the TV series comes out on Netflix

The House of Paper, one of the most popular TV series broadcast on Netflix, is now in its fifth season. Well yes, this is what has been revealed by one of the actresses starring in the series. The news immediately caused the excitement of fans, who season after season, have increased exponentially.

Surely this is a major success for Netflix, which originally decided to buy the first episodes and rework them to make them more palatable. Later, it became the producer of the series, making it become in a short time one of the most viewed ever on Netflix (even in Italy), broadcasting the subsequent seasons, up to the fourth, released in April 2020. Although little time has passed, it seems that the Professor and his companions are about to return.

Casa di Carta 5: previews

The announcement of the fifth season has been circulating for a long time now: it was the actress Itziar Ituño, who plays Lisbon in the series, who announced "We are shooting the fourth season and I have a feeling that it will not end here". This had given way to fans to think about an imminent arrival of La Casa di Carta 5 as well. The rumor was later confirmed by Formula TV and even by director Jesús Colmenar during the Almería Film Festival. On that occasion he let himself go, admitting that maybe there would be a spin-off. In short, by now the news is almost certain even if the official communication from Netflix is still missing.

What will House of Paper 5 be about? Plot hypothesis

Of course, there is still no certain news about the new season. However, it is possible to speculate how the plot will evolve. Several sources claim that the events will cross the borders of Spain. In an interview Alex Pina, creator of the series, stressed the Hispanic character of the product, but still did not rule out the possibility of moving to other countries. In previous seasons the characters had moved, for example The Professor had gone to live in the Philippines, and perhaps this could be a useful cue to develop the plot of the new season. Others argue that the best setting to preserve the Latin soul could be South America, where language and culture are certainly close to the original ones.

The most concrete will refer to the finale of the fourth season to understand how the events will evolve. In the last episodes broadcast in 2020 (from here on there are some spoilers, pay attention) Lisbon has just been freed and she finds herself with the rest of the group inside the Bank of Spain, while Nairobi, one of the key characters, is killed by Gandìa. In the meantime, outside the Bank Alice Sierra has the Professor in her grasp, she's tracked him down in his secret hideout, but she's alone and in plainclothes.

In short, the fourth series is far from resolved, so the next one could - indeed should - pick up right inside the Bank of Spain. No doubt there are still many questions to be answered, and there's no way that La Casa di Carta 5 can ignore them all: How will the group get out of the building? What will happen to the Professor? Will Alicia - as Lisbon had done - also decide to join the group of robbers? Most importantly, who is Alicia? Does she have ties with Tatiana, Berlin's wife? Not to mention that Alicia is about to have a baby and maybe she could give birth in season 5, helped by the Professor. In short, the possibilities are endless.

The House of Paper 5: Who Will Die?

One of the many lessons that The House of Paper has given us is that we should not get attached to characters, because many fall due to a bomb, shooting, confrontation with the police or other causes. In the first season, the first to die is Oslo, Helsinki's cousin and friend. His death is heartbreaking: after being stunned with an iron pipe by the police, he falls into a vegetative state; it will be Helsinki who will suffocate him to prevent further suffering.

The second death is that of Mosca, Denver's father, who is wounded during a clash with the police, just as Tokyo is returning to the building because he has just been freed by the Professor. And even that was a very hard blow. But the third death is the one that shocks the most: we're talking about Berlin, a controversial character but who arouses extreme affection in the fans of the series. He, portrayed as unscrupulous and selfish, finally decides to sacrifice himself to allow his companions to escape from the Spanish Mint.

The fourth death occurred in the last season and is that of Nairobi, one of the most beloved characters of The House of Paper. When she seemed to be safe and sound, after several tortures by Gandia, she was shot by Gandia in the back, causing the disbelief of her fellow adventurers and those who watched the series from behind the screen with bated breath.

In short, La Casa di Carta spares no one, not even those characters who more than anyone have managed to win the hearts of the public and have been able to give a unique value to the plot. Who knows who will die in La Casa di Carta 5. All that remains is to wait for the official announcement and release on Netflix.

When La Casa di Carta 5 comes out

There are still no official dates on the release of La Casa di Carta 5, but it is certain that we will have to wait until next year. Netflix is betting a lot on this TV series and the script is already ready. And with the end of the lockdown, it is also possible to go back to recording the new episodes. Probably La Casa di Carta 5 will be released between April and June 2021.

How to watch La Casa di Carta streaming

If while waiting for the start of the new season you want to review all the previous episodes, just log into Netflix (you must have a subscription) and press on the banner of La Casa di Carta. You'll be able to choose whether to restart from the first episode of the first season, or just catch up with the last one. Also, you can try to watch La Casa di Carta live streaming in original language to learn Spanish and practice listening.