The house of paper: how it will end between Stockholm and Denver

After Tokyo's farewell to Rio in Volume I now the house of paper could hold a new twist. Fans speculate another possible separation

Volume I of Paper House Five showed plenty of action and twists and turns. The authors were able, once again, to surprise. The arrival of the army, the strong gesture of the warrior Tokyo who saves everyone by saying goodbye, perhaps, to Rio and the entry into the gang of Sierra and Victoria. A couple, however, seems to waver: it could be the news of Volume II expected for December 3.

After watching the first part of the fifth season of the house of paper fans speculate new theories for what is a couple "historic": Stockholm and Denver. The two are having a moment of crisis from what we have seen in the last episodes. Their love story was born in a particular way. In the first two seasons, what is now Stockholm was initially a hostage in the gang's assault on the State Mint. Before she too became a red jumpsuit with the face of Dali, she was the mistress and secretary of director Arturito. We witness a real twist: once they leave the robes of executioner, Denver, and hostage Stockholm, fall in love. However, it seems that this feeling goes through a "crisis" in the first part of the fifth season.

What happened

Arturito, the biological father of Cincinnati, Stockholm's baby in the first part of the fifth season of the house of paper starts a real internal revolt of the hostages: he is the leader. His is an attempt to provoke Denver and hurt Stockholm in a more or less direct way. In a fateful moment, when the gang could be the victim of Arturito's madness now out of control, even the governor tries several times to persuade him, he is stopped by the weapon of his former lover. Stockholm strikes him several times, neutralizing him and causing him deep wounds so as to put his life at risk.

From this moment Stockholm begins to live a huge sense of guilt that does not leave her. The plan that they had designed with Denver to protect Cincinnati is blown. The baby was supposed to go into the custody of Manila, Denver's childhood friend, if things in the Bank of Spain heist went wrong. Manila had the task of camouflaging herself among the hostages: an ace up the Professor's sleeve. However, her cover is blown due to several unforeseen events, and with it, Plan B to save Stockholm's baby.

Guilt and Love Revealed

Stockholm keeps seeing Arturito as a ghost, her guilt is devastating her. She begins to think that she will never see her baby again, from whom she took away any kind of "semi-normal" future by almost killing his father. She doesn't understand how she came to be a part of that blow by putting her son on the back burner. This could distance Denver and Stockholm.

During the escape attempt, Manila, gripped by a panic attack because she's afraid she won't make it, reveals a huge secret, long hidden within herself. She has been in love with Denver since they were kids. She knows everything about him, loves him. Denver is incredulous. A few glances and a tone not too convinced let betray something. In fact, fans have begun to wonder if the Stockholm-Denver couple will break up in the season finale. They speculate that one of the twists that could be revealed on December 3 is Denver hand in hand with Manila. We'll see.