The House of Paper, how many seasons will there be

How many seasons will there be of The House of Paper? When will the TV series end? Here are the most likely guesses

The House of Paper is of the biggest global TV phenomena in recent years. It has been viewed over 65 million times on Netflix and is considered the most watched TV series in the world. That's a real achievement for a production that was initially supposed to last a few seasons. There is no official confirmation from Netflix (also because of the outbreak of the pandemic that has slowed down and stopped the production of many TV series and movies), but it seems that there are not many doubts about the renewal for another two seasons of The House of Paper. On the other hand, the end of the fourth season (although it would be more correct to talk about the fourth part) leaves many questions unanswered, a sign that the writers have already prepared the sequel. A sequel that will consist not only of one season, but of two parts, coming respectively in 2021 and 2022.

How many seasons will there be of La Casa di Carta

A fifth part of La Casa di Carta is practically certain: the confirmation comes from Álex Pina, creator of the TV series and creator of the global success. Interviewed about his future commitments and the possibility of a spin-off focused on the life of Berlin, he said that for the moment he is only dedicating himself to the new season of La Casa di Carta. Season, which as we anticipated in another article, should arrive in 2021, probably between April and June. The filming was supposed to start in May, but the explosion of Covid-19 forced the production to postpone them by a few months.

If La Casa di Carta 5 is practically certain, the same can be said for part six of the TV series. Talking about La Casa di Carta 5, however, is erroneous and the reason is quite simple: each season of the TV series is divided into two parts. So the first two parts make up the first season and the other two broadcast on Netflix the second season. The next two (the fifth and sixth) will be the third season of The House of Paper, and maybe even the last two.

When does The House of Paper end, the word of the actors

Whether the sixth part of the TV series will be the last is still too early to tell, but the lead actors themselves do not want to pull too long the story: the danger is to become too boring and repetitive. This is said by actor Darko Peric, who plays Helsinki, one of the most beloved characters of the TV series and a mainstay present since the first episode.

How to stream La Casa di Carta

While waiting for the confirmation of the arrival of the fifth part of La Casa di Carta, fans can stream the other four parts on Netflix. To do so, you need to be a subscriber to the video streaming platform and and have a subscription. To watch La Casa di Carta you need to launch Netflix, enter your credentials and click on the banner dedicated to the TV series. The dedicated tab will open and you will be able to choose which episode to watch.