The House of Paper: major spoiler accidentally revealed

Actress Najwa Nimri, who plays Alicia Sierra lets slip a detail that reveals a plot detail. Here's what happened.

The cast of The House of Paper in these weeks is busy filming the fifth and final season. Of course, everything is done in complete confidentiality: it is important to avoid leaks and spoilers.

Unfortunately, however, it seems that Najwa Nimri unintentionally revealed a detail during a live broadcast on social media. Fans of course did not ignore the detail that reveals an important anticipation of the next season. The actress in the series plays Alicia Sierra, the fearsome inspector who hunts the masked gang and who, in the last episode of the previous season, managed to unearth the Professor's hideout during a plainclothes investigation. So she presented herself in front of her enemy in an advanced state of pregnancy, so it is likely that she will be one of the protagonists of the next season. That's why the detail she revealed is so decisive and shocked the audience.

The House of Paper: what is the spoiler revealed by Najwa Nimri

During a break from filming, the actress of The House of Paper started a live stream on Instagram to greet fans. In between a chat and some music, the actress stood up and danced. Everyone at that point noticed that she had her stage clothes, but no longer had her baby bump, which has accompanied her character, Inspector Sierra, since her debut in the TV series.

The actress while dancing froze and realized that she had revealed this important detail to her audience and so she tried to move the frame to hide the lower part of her body, but the "damage" was already done. As soon as she sat down, among the comments of the live broadcast there were no shortage of fans who pointed out the detail to the actress and she in difficulty admitted that she had forgotten and had not thought about this detail.

So, now we know for sure an important information about the new chapter: Alicia Sierra will no longer be pregnant.

La Casa di Carta: how the previous season ended

In part four we left Alicia Sierra in plainclothes and with a baby bump pointing a gun at the Professor, finally flushed out inside his hiding place. In the light of the spoiler we can therefore predict that already at the beginning of the fifth season the inspector will have already given birth.

This anticipation is essential because it allows fans to confirm some hypotheses, which of course will be made official with the publication of the new episodes. Sierra could have given birth to her baby thanks to the Professor and probably could have joined the gang. However, this is not at all sure: in the video Najwa Nimri - also present in the series Vis a Vis - seems to be still wearing the shoes of the inspector even if she is without a baby bump.

In the next episodes other theories will have to be confirmed or denied, for example the one that sees in Alicia Sierra the sister of the Professor and of Berlin.

We just have to wait for the release of the series, scheduled for 2021, to know how the plot will really evolve.

In the meantime, you can watch the previous seasons of The House of Paper on Netflix.