The House of Paper: news on the series finale

The teaser announcing the official trailer for House of Paper 5 has been released: here's all the news.

The House of Paper doesn't stop surprising, and news on the series finale is expected. By now we've all marked on our diaries the date of September 3 for the release of the first five episodes of the fifth and final season. We expect a real fight for survival.

We've been waiting for the moment for a long time: September 3 is getting closer and closer. The anticipations and denials have been and will still be many and the curiosity to see once again the gang in action is high. The most beloved international series ever on Netflix will officially end with the second part in December 2021, but now it's time to enjoy the steps towards the grand finale of the season. The first step just a few hours ago with the officialization of the teaser that heralds for August 2 the release of the real trailer. The news that revolves around the House of Paper are endless.

The teaser of the House of Paper

The producers of Netflix really know how to do their job and to increase the hype in view of the release in just over a month of the last season of the House of Paper have released a teaser that announces the official release date of the trailer for next August 2. It's 27 seconds, which the show's production has released, with what we never wanted to see, or maybe we did.

The Professor is held with a chain by Sierra the former inspector removed by the police, who managed, perhaps, to frame the sharpest mind in the gang. The music is a continuous crescendo and, second by second, accompanies the visibly terrified Professor's labored breathing in the background. "Checkmate?" These are the only two words in the caption.

Few moments that excite the entire fan following. The short video, officially released a few hours ago, reveals something to us: is it really going to get that bad for the Professor? What will be the fate of the gang if he is neutralized by Sierra?

Where are we?

The gang has been locked inside the Bank of Spain for more than 100 hours. Lisbon has been rescued, but the gang has experienced a very powerful moment: Nairobi is dead, murdered in cold blood by Gandia's madness. The situation, however, became even more delicate. The Professor has been captured by Sierra and for the very first time after four intense seasons, it seems he has no escape plan.

This would be enough to leave us tense, but there's more. A new variable comes into play in the Professor's flawed plan. The most powerful enemy of all, never faced before, takes the field: the army. What was supposed to be a simple perfect plan to steal the gold and secrets of the Spanish government turns into a real war.

The authors announced some time ago that the first part of the fifth season would be pure action with sudden and fast changes of front. The House of Paper will be available on demand on Netflix, also visible on Sky Q and NOW.