The House of Paper: the grand finale will amaze you

The Volume 2 of the fifth season is now close and Netflix offers fans new statements and images about the final episodes of the TV series

The House of Paper is coming to an end, Netflix in fact announced new details about the grand finale. We are talking about Volume 2 of the fifth season. The TV series debuted in 2017 in Spanish TV and was later acquired by the famous streaming platform, thus becoming the most watched content in 2019 and the most watched non-English-language series ever.

The record was recently lost due to the arrival of the series of the moment, Squid Game. But back to the Spanish series, the first five episodes of the fifth season were released on September 3, so viewers are waiting for the final five to put the final word in. In the first part, the audience had to say goodbye to several beloved characters and this will affect the future of the gang. I rapinatori con la tuta rossa si trovano ancora all’interno della Banca di Spagna, dove ormai è alle strette. Alla fine del primo volume la partita sembra persa ma, come aveva detto Palermo in un episodio, "perderemo molto lentamente" perciò non rimane che attendere le nuove puntate e scoprire gli indizi rilasciati da Netflix in queste ore.

La casa di carta 5: anticipazioni sul Volume 2

Come accennato, la quinta e ultima stagione de La casa di carta è divisa in due volumi, di cinque episodi ciascuno. While the first part was released on Netflix on September 3, the second is expected on December 3, 2021.

Netflix has released some previews, including a sentence of the Professor (Álvaro Morte), the leader of the gang: "In the last hours I have lost very important people and I will not allow anyone else to die for this robbery." The character refers to the departure of one of the most beloved characters of the series, who left the gang unexpectedly causing dismay in the audience.

The anticipations of Netflix ensure a spectacular end that will not leave fans dissatisfied, because each member of the gang will play a crucial role and it is not certain that the criminals will be defeated.

The House of Paper 5: what happened in the first part

In the first part, the Professor is captured by a a Alicia Sierra, while inside the Bank of Spain chaos breaks out. Once again, the criminals in the red suits clash with the agents led by Colonel Tamayo, who are blocked on several fronts, and above all, they cannot act because there are numerous civilian hostages inside the building.

Not to mention that for several hours the Professor is unable to communicate with his gang, who must act autonomously, generating further chaos. The first part represents a transition point between the fourth season and the finale of the fifth. It is necessary, therefore, to wait for the final episodes to make sense of the whole TV series. The appointment is for December 3 on Netflix.