The House of Paper: the theory on Tokyo disconcerts fans

The hypotheses on the fate of Tokyo are as bold and unprejudiced as the plans to which the Professor has accustomed us: here are the ideas circulating on the web in these hours

Spoiler alert: if you haven't yet seen the 5 episodes of La Casa di Carta 5, then this article is not for you. The first five episodes of the new, final season of The House of Paper are really explosive. Very few people have yet to see the evolution of the 100 hours inside the Bank of Spain: the tension slices through both inside the lair and in the colonel's tent. The family of thieves in red suits is increasingly united and fights for freedom towards the epilogue of the fifth season.

The House of Paper still dominates the Top Ten on Netflix and beyond. The playlist dedicated to the fifth season is popular on Spotify and in a few days the house will enter the world of video games. The rumors of a possible spin-off, perhaps a prequel of one of the characters are getting stronger and stronger: the most credited is Tokyo. Just on her in these hours circulate the most strange and fanciful theories about his fate after the last episode of Volume I. We know that she immolated herself to save the gang, but maybe, some Machiavellian people hypothesize, she might not be dead. Let's find out together the theory about Tokyo's next hopeful destiny inside the second part of Paper House.

Living Many Lives

In the fifth episode of Volume I of Paper House, fans witnessed the death of one of the series' most beloved characters: Tokyo. The team from the assault of Commander Sagasta entered, with the help of Gandia, after blowing up the roof. The military fired: wounded arms and legs Tokyo. Unable to get to safety, she was trapped in the kitchen. Before the end, there were countless memories in her mind. From her great love Rene to her first meeting with the Professor. Tokyo relives her many lives.

To the point of exhaustion and to save everyone she sacrifices herself by killing herself, Gandia and probably the super soldier Sagasta. A tragic death that moved the fans who were not ready, after Nairobi, to lose another character so charismatic.

Not everyone is sure that the girl is dead, many believe that she miraculously managed to save herself.

The reason for the theory

It would seem that there is no hope for Tokyo after the explosion of grenades, but some clues fuel the theory of her salvation. The first clue is found in the narrative of the TV series. From the very first episode of the first season, the narrative voice of the paper house is that of Tokyo: it is hers whether it is her personal memories or when others' are shown.

This could mean according to many that since the State Mint heist and all that followed is not a representation of the present, but the result of a telling of past stories. This theory would foresee a Tokyo still alive, telling someone about what happened.

That someone could be Nairobi's son to whom she had made a promise: to reveal who his mother was and the truth about the robberies. If this is indeed the case, Tokyo is still alive.

A second clue is the sentence she said before letting herself explode: "The day I killed Gandia, I had everyone against me". We will see from December 3 if the theories have some truth.