The House of Paper: what is the Professor’s favorite couple

The House of Paper has seen many couples on screen, but the Professor's actor confesses his favorite and leaves everyone surprised

Although The House of Paper ended with its fifth season as the concluding one, we will continue to talk about the characters that have been featured on Netflix for a long time to come. This Spanish-produced television series has been able to attract and make fans fond of the gang of robbers led by the Professor.

Alvaro Morte, the actor who plays the Professor, has been in recent days the protagonist of an interesting revelation that has made the most ardent fans curious. During an interview, the actor let himself go with a personal comment, revealing which is the favorite couple among his bandits. Meanwhile, the finale of House of Cards seems to have satisfied all fans, but they are already focused on something very interesting: Netflix has confirmed that a spin-off on the character of Berlin is coming. So all that's left to do is wait for the tasty behind-the-scenes stories about the series that is now over, like the one from the Professor that we're reproposing here.

La Casa di Carta: la rivelazione del Professore

During the five seasons of Casa di Carta, many couples have alternated on the small screen: some have conquered the fans while others have been considered unnecessary. There was the relationship between Monica and Denver, the one between Tokyo and Rio and again between the Professor and Lisbon.

And yet, surprisingly, the actor who plays the Professor revealed during an interview with La Ser magazine that his favorite couple is one that never came to fruition on screen. Alvaro Morte said, "I always maintained that the great couple was Tokyo and the Professor. For me, they are the ones who start the whole story beyond the romantic couples." A choice that emphasizes how the relationship between the two characters has been very strong throughout the series.

The House of Paper: confirmation of the spin-off

The events of the House of Paper are not destined to end with the fifth season. Netflix has already confirmed that there will be a spin-off of the series centered on the character of Berlin, namely Andres de Fonollosa, who is played by Spanish actor Pedro Alonso.

The character of Berlin died practically at the beginning of the television series, but he still played an important role, indeed fundamental in influencing the evolution of the plot of the House of Paper. For this reason, it was decided to make a prequel to the series, focusing on the life of the character before his entry into the gang of the Professor.

To see the spin-off of the House of Paper on Berlin will have to wait until 2023, while those who want to relive the emotions can watch streaming in 2022 the Korean remake of the series, where there will also be one of the protagonists of Squid Game: Park Hae-soo will play Berlin.