The Hyperloop supertrain also in Italy, study in Bari. Photo and video

The Italian team will try to develop new projects in partnership with the Canadian group. First goal: to realize a fast connection between two metropolises

Italy will also contribute to the realization of Hyperloop, the magnetic levitation train. The Canadian company TransPod, which for years has been working on the idea launched by Space X, will open a branch also in our country.

The merit is of an Apulian entrepreneur, Vito Pertosa, and his company, Angelo Investments, entered to be part of the capital of TransPod with an investment of 15 million euros. The operating base will be in Bari and will probably be supported by the Politecnico di Bari. The Italian group will help the Canadian sector to carry out the project to connect Toronto with Montreal in less than 30 minutes. Hyperloop, in fact, is a transportation system where "floating" shuttles travel inside tubes at supersonic speeds that can reach 1,200 kilometers per hour.

A project open to all

The Bari branch could also involve the Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna and the University of Pisa. The two institutes together with Ales Tech, a startup from Milan, have also participated in September in the Hyperloop Pod Competition, a competition called by Space X founder Elon Musk, with the aim of collecting new ideas for the development of the train of the future.

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Ales Tech presented, in fact, a prototype of magnetic levitation suspensions, starting from the work carried out by the students of Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna and University of Pisa.

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The competition was also attended by other universities. For example, the University of Melbourne's RMIT presented VicHyper, a Hyperloop project that focuses particularly on braking and acceleration systems. In January 2017, there will be a verdict.

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