The iPhone 13 will be able to send messages even without network coverage

A well-known analyst launches a "bomb" a few days before the launch of iPhone 13: they could support a satellite system to communicate anywhere

Not much talk on the web of the release date of the next iPhone, and it is normal for any product highly anticipated that the more it approaches the official, more rumors and chatters rise in intensity. It can only happen with the iPhone 13, one of the most desired technology products around the world.

Now for days circulating a single date, on which agree all the "voices" more weight in the subject of rumor: Saturday, September 14, or in about two weeks. The enigma should have soon solution since Apple, usually, sends the first invitations to the press - consequently revealing the date of the event - a week before, so the uncertainty is bound to end soon. In the meantime, however, rumors are keeping fans busy, continuing to anticipate what might debut aboard the next iPhones. The latest rumor, and it's an "excellent one," is from Ming-Chi Kuo, an analyst who is unlikely to get a prediction wrong.

Satellite communication with iPhone 13?

According to Kuo, iPhone 13 will have a capability that is as unprecedented in the world of modern technology as it is revolutionary, especially for those who live in or have a penchant for adventures in remote or inaccessible areas. Reportedly, Apple will launch with the iPhone 13 the ability to call or send messages even where there is no 4G or 5G coverage, i.e., in those areas where today - and for years - the ability to communicate is lost.

That's good if from adventures we seek first and foremost peace and quiet, but it's never a good idea should you need help and then contact rescue. Better to choose to cut ties with the world, and have the ability to hook up with the network at all times. The iPhone 13s, according to Kuo, will be able to do this by communicating with Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellites.

With LEO communication, the iPhone 13s will be able to text and call virtually anywhere, even where "traditional" terrestrial infrastructure drops the white flag. Kuo added that the iPhone 13 will only be the first Apple products to talk to LEO, then it will be time for Apple AR, Apple Car and other products that will arrive in the future.

To do so, the analyst said that the iPhone 13 will have an ad hoc version of Qualcomm's X60 modem, capable of supporting satellite communications. It remains to be understood everything else, namely whether communication via LEO will be enabled with everyone or only with rescues and Apple products (via FaceTime, iMessage and company), or even if this particular communication system will be free. But the presence of the technology and all the details will eventually become clear at the presentation of iPhone 13.

iPhone 13, what to expect

Day in which we will discover all the details about the next top of the range Apple, about which, however, we already know so much. Expected a smaller notch, a screen with a refresh rate of 120 Hz for the two Pro variants, the doubling of the maximum storage space, from 512 GB to 1 TB, but also larger batteries and news for the cameras. And who knows, prices might not go up compared to the iPhone 12 due to the chip crisis.