The iPhone is spying on you: how to block location tracking

Enabling the Location feature causes the iPhone to start collecting data about your location. Here's how to block tracking by your smartphone

The iPhone knows exactly where you are right now.And it also knows where you went on Saturday, Sunday, or the route you take every morning to work. How does the iPhone know all this information about our movements? Very simple, through the Localization function. In order to use Maps, or to check the Points of Interest in our vicinity, we must activate the Localization function on the smartphone. In practice, the GPS.

Few people know, however, that all the data about our position are saved inside the iPhone and can be consulted at any time through the Settings of the smartphone. If you're already thinking about the dangers to your privacy, rest assured: the data is only saved on the iPhone's memory and is not shared with Apple. If you are afraid that the information will end up in the wrong hands, you have the possibility to permanently delete it from the phone's memory, just by following a simple procedure. Here's how to block tracking by iPhone.

How to Block iPhone Location Tracking

Location tracking by iPhone starts the moment you enable Location services from Settings. Location is used by Apple apps, third-party apps, and websites to collect and use information based on the current location of your smartphone to offer special services. In addition to locating your device, the feature also tracks our movements to show you ad hoc ads or Points of Interest. All this information is saved on the smartphone and can be accessed at any time by the user.

If you are afraid for your privacy, you have the option to block tracking by Apple. The procedure to follow is very simple: you need to go into Settings, press on Privacy and then on Location. At this point scroll down and press on System Services. In the new screen that will open, tap on "Frequent locations". Here you will find a history with all the locations visited in the last period. To disable the feature, just uncheck the "Frequent Locations" item at the top.

How to clear the tracking data on the iPhone

In addition to blocking location tracking, Apple offers the user the option to clear all location data collected by the iPhone. You need to go into Settings again, press on Privacy and then on Location. Once you press on System Services, you will need to click on "Frequent Locations". Scrolling down you'll find a list of the places you've visited and at the end of the page there will be the entry "Clear history". At this point the iPhone will ask you to enter your Apple account details and pressing Confirm will delete all the location data collected over the years by your smartphone.