The iPhone SE 3 will come, but it will be delayed

A good news and a bad one for lovers of the iPhone SE series: the low cost of Apple seems to be in the pipeline, but it will not see the light neither this year nor next

When it comes to iPhone, the acronym "SE" is always a fan favorite: the low-cost version of Apple's smartphone punctually hits the shelves: it happened with the first iPhone SE in 2016, it's happening with the 2020 iPhone SE 2, and apparently it will happen again with the iPhone SE 3. But not as soon as fans would hope.

A successor to the current budget iPhone has been talked about since it came out in April of this year, but then 2020 took a very peculiar turn and many believed that Apple had put aside the idea of building a third version of its iPhone for everyone. Now, however, the words of electronics market analysts are rekindling hopes: according to Mizuho Securities, which reports and elaborates on what Ross Young of DSCC said, the iPhone SE 3 will come, but it will skip a year. Perhaps because the current iPhone SE 2 is selling well and Apple has no intention of cannibalizing it?

iPhone SE 3: what it will look like

According to the sum of analysts' predictions iPhone SE 3 will be a large device, with a 6.06-inch screen, still in LCD technology and produced by Samsung, and dual rear camera. It will not have the FaceID, but only the fingerprint sensor that due to the non-OLED screen will be integrated to the rear.

And this, indirectly, makes us think that if the TouchID will not be placed in front is only because the iPhone SE 3 will be full screen.

iPhone SE 3: when it arrives

Apple's urgency right now is to bring to market the iPhone 12 family. Which will consist of four models, one of which could be (and be called) "Mini". The four iPhone 12s will dominate the market throughout 2021, leaving little room for a fifth iPhone model.

Also because there is still the second-generation iPhone SE on the market, which arrived in April 2020. It wouldn't make sense, analysts explain, to add another iPhone SE that would be caught between the anvil of the iPhone 12 and the hammer of the iPhone SE 2.

When will the iPhone SE 3 arrive? Both Ross Young and Mizuho Securities are convinced that it won't arrive in 2021, along with the iPhone 12s, but in 2022, along with the iPhone 13s.