The latest Whatsapp update for iOS and Android

For iOS or Android, Whatsapp is constantly introducing new features. Here are the latest innovations launched, and those that will soon hit the market.

Whatsapp is undoubtedly the most widely used messaging app and is constantly evolving. Many are the updates that follow one another, as well as the new features introduced: new emoji, new functions, for a beloved service that - over time - has become indispensable for anyone with a smartphone.

Y 2019 was no exception and started immediately with a Whatsapp update that brought with it numerous new features, especially for iOS users. Nobody likes static apps that never get updated. So find out what are the new Whatsapp features for Android and iOS introduced by the latest update.

Whatsapp update: what's new for iOS users

The first months of 2019 marked the arrival of a Whatsapp update for iOS users, to whom the three new features of the messaging app are dedicated.

First of all, it is now possible to reply privately to the messages you receive in a group: for a long time, iPhone users had been asking for the introduction of this possibility, since until now the only solution was to read the message within the group, exit the "public" conversation and open an external chat with only the user you wanted to reply to privately. Now, you can simply select the message, click on More and then on Reply privately to start a private chat without closing the group one.

The second new feature that the Whatsapp update has brought with it is the ability to add stickers in photos and videos to post later in chats, or in the status of your profile, directly from the Whatsapp editor, selecting the stickers and applying them to the desired image.

Last, now iOS users can check the status of user with whom they are in contact on Whatsapp using 3D Touch. To do so, simply tap and hold the preview of that user's status to "peek" at it, without fully opening his status and thus without giving him the chance to know that we have viewed it.

Whatsapp update: new features coming for Android

There are several unexpected new features that the Whatsapp update will bring with it for Android users. According to what was revealed by WABetaInfo, within the Android beta version (which is not available by default, but should be activated from the settings of your personal profile if you intend to test it), the developers have included the possibility to protect the application with your fingerprint.

To activate this feature, you need to go into the app's Settings, click on Account and then on Privacy; here, just click on "Unlock with fingerprint" and then decide whether to enter the biometric data to unlock the app immediately, after one minute, after ten minutes or after thirty. Facial recognition, which is already available for iOS, could instead be included in a future update.

Always according to rumors, the next Whatsapp update will also allow you to receive a notification when a user wants to add us to a group, to continuously play back voice messages and to activate the Picture-in-Picture feature, which allows you to see videos that are posted in chats or groups directly within the application.

So, once again, the most famous messaging application of all time is ready to renew itself and introduce important new features for its users, responding to their requests and providing an increasingly functional service.