The Like button has disappeared from some Facebook Pages

From some Facebook Pages in these days the "Like" button has disappeared: the social network is testing a new layout

When you open some Facebook Pages, in these days you will notice a novelty in the layout: the usual "Like" button has disappeared. The removal is not the result of a bug, but rather of a test that Mark Zuckerberg's social network is carrying out on the structure of its fan pages, and something is brewing.

The removal of the Like button started first for some public pages on the mobile app, then was extended to an ever-growing group of Pages, especially for those of public figures such as actors, authors, creators and some media, or even book publishers. If included in the test, Pages managers will see an option to try out the new experience on mobile devices that support the app. Facebook's goal is to make Pages less complex and easier for users to use, especially now that in the time of social distancing, online communities continue to grow.

Facebook Pages, a new layout for users

The new layout designed by Facebook for its Pages has a specific purpose: to make them graphically easier to navigate for visitors, who will have immediate access to the page's information, biography and posts. To do this, the social network has tried to remove the "Like" button, replacing it with a "Follow" button and a counter of total followers, reminiscent of the pages of Instagram.

A choice that depends on the fact that over the years many people have put "Like" to several Pages, but remained unfollowed for years, so as to disappear from the user's News Feed. Or perhaps, because the user has liked a page at the invitation of a friend, but was not interested in its content. To clarify the algorithm that regulates the posts that appear in the News Feed, a simple "Follow" button would lead the Pages to have only an audience really interested in seeing posts and activities.

Facebook Pages, simplified also for managers

A necessary simplification not only for the user, who will have a News Feed adapted to his interests, but also and above all for the managers of Facebook Pages. Finding themselves making reports and statistics between the "Likes" and "Followers" of the page often generates confusion. With the removal of the "Like" button, the manager of the page will be able to deal only with his followers, thus creating effective content and above all interesting for his following.

Facebook Pages, news for admin access

Also in the management of the page there will be new benefits, with managers who can easily give access permissions as admin based on specific tasks to be assigned. For this reason, Facebook is also working on an update to the "Edit Access" screen, where managers will be able to divide the tasks related to the maintenance of the page between those who create content, those who simply respond to comments and messages and those who only deal with advertising and sponsorship ads.