The low-cost devices that make your TV smart: what are they

To turn your old TV into a smart TV just use the right devices: here are the best and the cheapest

Smart TVsĀ have reached in many cases really low prices, but not everyone can afford to change TV and buy a new one. There are several reasons: economic, but also external factors that prevent you from changing TV. If, however, you don't want to lose the possibility of accessing many applications designed for TVs, there are low-cost solutions that transform your old TV into an intelligent device.

In recent years, small devices have appeared on the market that connect to the HDMI port of the TV and are like mini-computers with an operating system inside and a memory where you can install applications. In this way you can make your TV smart. There are several devices of this type, but the features they offer are more or less the same: the ability to install dozens of different apps, including all those for watching TV series and movies in streaming.

There are dozens of devices to choose from, but we suggest a couple that differ in ease of use and applications supported. Here's what they are.

Amazon Fire TV Stick, features

Among the devices that make your TV smart is definitely Amazon's Fire TV Stick. Available in different versions (even for 4K TVs), it connects to the HDMI port and allows you to install many applications, including Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, DAZN, Infinity, RaiPlay, Disney+, Apple TV and many video games. The latest model available also integrates a remote control that you can control directly with your voice thanks to Alexa.

Mi TV Stick, the features

Last arrival in the sector, the Mi TV Stick is a product designed by Xiaomi to make smart all televisions a bit dated. The dimensions are very small and the Mi TV Stick also connects to the TV via the HDMI port. The device integrates 1GB of RAM and 8GB of memory where to install applications. At its core is the Android TV operating system with the Google Play Store. Also available is a very easy to use remote control with Netflix and Amazon Prime Video buttons to directly access the two streaming platforms.

Google Chromecast, the functionality

The Google Chromecast has a slightly different operation. It connects to the TV still via the HDMI port, but the user cannot install anything on the device. In fact, Google Chromecast does nothing but broadcast on the TV what a user is seeing on another device, such as smartphone or computer.

Google is working on a new device, code-named Google Sabrina, which should allow the Chromecast to make a decisive leap forward.

NowTV Smart Stick

In this case the speech is a little different. NowTV Smart Stick is an HDMI dongle that connects to your TV and makes it smart, just like the previous ones. But with one difference: it is linked to Sky and users can use it to watch on demand programs of the satellite broadcaster. The user, however, also has the option to install third-party applications to have an even wider offer.