The Mandalorian 2, the first trailer will arrive soon

Disney is ready to broadcast the first official trailer of The Mandalorian 2, the new season of the TV series available on Disney+

We know for sure that the first episode of The Mandalorian 2 will be broadcast in October on Disney+, but for the moment we still don't know the exact date. The TV series has been a great success and Disney's willingness to release one episode per week has allowed to create even more hype around the drama. At the moment The Mandalorian 2 is certainly one of the most successful TV series inherent to the world of Star Wars and the second season will have to give concrete answers to many threads left open by the first episodes.

How long will we still have to wait to know the exact release date of The Mandalorian 2? Most likely less than we can imagine. According to some rumors coming from the United States, Disney is ready to show the first trailer of the second season of the TV series right now on its channels in the USA. According to some reliable sources, the channel chosen should be ESPN, during the break between the first and second half of Game 2 of the playoffs between Los Angeles Lakers and Portland Trail Blazers. If it won't be in the Italian night between Thursday and Friday, the appointment with the first trailer will be postponed only a few days and it could be shown on ABC, another channel that is part of the big Disney family.

The Mandalorian 2, plot previews

What will the second season of The Mandalorian 2 be about? Difficult to make predictions, all the protagonists, writers and actors who worked on the second season have their mouths sewn. Surely the protagonist's journey with Baby Yoda will continue, but there could also be some twists and turns.

When The Mandalorian 2 comes out

Compared to many other TV series, The Mandalorian 2 has not been affected by the Coronavirus. In fact, filming was completed shortly before the outbreak of the worldwide pandemic and the release has been confirmed for October. The exact day is not known, but the first trailer should show the release date of the first episode of the second season.

How to stream The Mandalorian

If you want to catch up with the first season of The Mandalorian you must be a Disney+ subscriber and use one of the devices supported by the platform. To see The Mandalorian streaming you need to launch Disney+, enter your credentials and click on the box dedicated to the TV series. The tab dedicated to The Mandalorian will open and you will be able to choose which episode to start watching the TV series from.