The mini robot that cuts weeds

Tired of having to clean up your flower beds and home garden? No problem Franklin Robotics has developed a mini robot with sensors to pull out weeds

Nowadays we have robots that can help us at any time and in every action of our days. From heavy industry to cooking. And now even in the garden. Franklin Robotics, in fact, has created a machine that can clean up our flowerbeds of weeds while we relax.

To look at it closely, the anti-weed robot looks like a small round box, slightly larger than the small machines used for years in the home as smart vacuum cleaners. The gardening robot has four obliquely positioned wheels that allow the machine to move smoothly through the earth and have no problems with obstacles such as roots, small walls or water pipes. To remove weeds, the robot has a small mower in the middle part, which is activated when needed. Its operation, in practice, is very similar to vacuum cleaners. It simply goes around the garden and cleans the ground.

Gardening sensors

The robot doesn't destroy everything it comes across, but it has special sensors that recognize weeds and allow the machine to weed only those. We can rest assured, it will not destroy flowers and small plants that are slowly growing. To protect them it will be enough to put obstacles or small iron or plastic guides. As the robot encounters them, it will change its path. The most convenient aspect of this new robot is that we can happily have a lemonade while it takes care of the flowerbeds and the garden at home. Because the machine doesn't need human intervention to work.

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