The most searched words on Google in 2020: from Covid to the US elections

The coronavirus has disrupted our lives but also Google searches: here is what Italians asked the search engine in 2020

According to Google, the most searched word in Italy during 2020 was Coronavirus. This is stated by the analysis "A year of Searches" that, as every year, takes a snapshot of the words most often searched through the Mountain View search engine. Among the topics of greatest interest, in addition to the pandemic, the U.S. elections and prominent personalities.

As is easy to imagine, the year that is about to close has been marked by the evolution of the Covid-19 pandemic that has affected the entire planet. This emerges distinctly from the Mountain View search engine's study. In addition to this, there are other strongly related topics, such as distance learning, legislative measures and other information that proved useful during the stringent lockdown that involved the entire territory in the first part of the year. In addition, there are also events of global media importance, the passing of some famous people and some lighter national topics, such as the Sanremo Festival.

Most searched words on Google in 2020, a year of searches on the pandemic

As anticipated, the most searched word in Italy in 2020 was Coronavirus, both in the category "Words" and in "What does it mean?"; to this are then associated other terms such as new Dpcm, amuchina, congiunti, Classroom and Weschool (both related to the lessons that students followed from home). To these are added, then, contagions and Civil Defense, for emergency management.

Google searches in 2020, the most popular words of the "how to do it?"

Of all, the first is "Bread at home", a topic of discussion that went for the most especially during the first part of 2020. In the same category, then, appear antivirus masks, amuchina and tampon. Place of honor for Brewer's yeast, unobtainable during the months of the lockdown.

Google searches in 2020, celebrities and goodbyes from the world of sports and entertainment

For goodbyes, the highest ranked names are those of Maradona, Kobe Bryant and Gigi Proietti, followed by Ennio Morricone and Ezio Bosso. In addition to them, there are also Sean Connery, Jole Santelli and George Floyd whose disappearance, together with other sad events, was the driving force behind the "Black Lives Matter" movement present among the "What it means".

At the end of the list, instead, there are Alex Zanardi, Silvia Romano and the protagonists of the US presidential challenge Donald Trump and Joe Biden. The latter were also protagonists among the events, in second place thanks to the recent elections held in November.

Google 2020, the most searched events

The first search key, in terms of events, was "Serie A Championship", linked again to the disruptions due to the ongoing pandemic. Next up were once again the US elections, the Sanremo Festival and the other two most followed football events of the year, the Champions League and the Europa League.