The new Apple Watch will have a round screen. Photos

New documents reveal some of the future plans of the Californian company: smartwatch with round screen like those of the competition

Apple's smartwatches could one day change their look. The Cupertino company would have presented at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office two patents for the realization of a new wearable with a circular shape.

The Californian company is therefore ready to surprise again. A few weeks ago, in fact, Apple ended up in the spotlight for two other patents: one for earphones with biometric sensor and the other for the development of the first foldable iPhone. However, these are just ideas. It is not said that then turn into objects to be launched on the market. As in the case of this latest technology filed: in all likelihood in the coming years Apple smartwatches will continue to have a rectangular dial and not round like the wearables produced by competitors. Knowing Apple, we are sure of one thing: if they will ever be built, they will have a unique design.

The new smartwatch

Let's go back to the two patents. Let's start from the title that translated into Italian would sound like this: "Electronic devices with curved edge display". To develop the new screens, Apple will continue to use the technology of rectangular dials. Leaving aside the technical details about the sensors that will be inserted, the round shape will be given by several columns of pixels arranged in a circle on the main frame. This way there will be active and off zones that could be used for the "mechanical" part. The size of these elements will depend, in fact, on the area in which they will be inserted.

Apple then, would be ready to develop a new device, which for shape is a bit reminiscent of the Moto 360. The American company, in fact, was one of the first to give a round shape to its smartwatches. Then came the others.