The new budget Apple Watch is on its way

The Apple Watch SE 2 project is reportedly almost ready, and would debut in 2022. Here's what Apple's new budget smartwatch will look like

The time would come for Apple to update its budget smartwatch. To suggest it is Mark Gurman of Bloomberg, a journalist usually well-informed about what happens in Cupertino, from the parts of the Apple headquarters: the Watch SE 2 would be coming next year, probably together with Apple Watch Series 8.

In 2022 within the Apple smartwatch range there could be an updated version of Apple Watch SE, that is a "smart" cheap watch or, seen from another point of view, less expensive than the others. The operation would be the same done with the first current generation, that is to propose to fans a version very similar to the flagship smartwatch - in this case the Apple Watch Series 7 or Series 8, if Apple Watch SE 2 arrives in the second part of 2022 - but of some of the features to which those who do not have too many pretensions and the smartwatch does not make a use too articulated can give up without too many sacrifices.

Apple Watch SE 2, what it will look like

The indiscretion comes from the reliable Mark Gurman of Bloomberg. The journalist has shared within the weekly column Power On the information according to which Apple would have among the plans of 2022 to launch an Apple Watch SE 2, a new low-cost smartwatch.

The rumor is not surprising, since, being a line so to speak low cost, Apple does not update it annually but at a pace more "slow". However, 2022 should be the year chosen to offer Apple fans a new budget Apple Watch. For the moment there is no more precise information on how it will be, but knowing Apple and the first generation of the smartwatch economic we can already make some assumptions.

Apple Watch SE 2 could arrive along with Apple Watch Series 8 during the usual event in September with a design that could be derived from the updated Watch Series 7, then with a screen more optimized in relation to the bezels around. It could therefore have a modern design despite the "cheap" nature of the line.

To cost lower figures than the smartwatch from which it is derived, Apple Watch SE 2 will bring with it some sacrifices. In all likelihood, it will lack the Always-on Display (AOD), the sensor for measuring the amount of oxygen in the blood (SpO2) or even the hardware to perform ECGs directly to the wrist, all features that tend to a user who did not have too many pretensions can give up, and who was looking for nothing more than a smartwatch with some features dedicated to fitness and the ability to have notifications on the wrist.

Also coming a "rugged"

It is always Mark Gurman of Bloomberg to promote a completely new scenario for the next generation of Apple Watch. The Apple is seriously considering the possibility of offering a rugged Apple Watch, that is more resistant to stress.

This would therefore be a specific product for those who often work in extreme conditions, and are measured daily with the possibility that the precious Apple Watch can slip off the wrist and get damaged, or even for athletes who, by nature, make a more intense use.