The new budget iPhone will come sooner than expected

Apple has reportedly finished the design of the new budget iPhone, and is set to unveil the next generation sooner than expected

Apple has been against the idea of bringing a budget iPhone to market for several years. But life changes, and so do stubborn companies like Apple, which has struggled to revise that position. The first "experiment," the 2016 iPhone SE was followed by a four-year silence, after which came iPhone SE 2020, called iPhone SE 2 by many.

Apple seemed almost reluctant to give the first budget iPhone of 2016 a successor, but then, probably comforted by better-than-expected sales, four years later (a biblical time for the pace of technology) turned the project around by revising it in several respects. The iPhone SE 2020 arrived, surprising tech enthusiasts with its juxtaposition of ultra-fresh hardware for the times and an anachronistic design, to say the least. "Apple will change its ways with the next low-cost iPhone," someone may have thought, and instead the rumors are of the opposite opinion. The new low-cost iPhone will keep the current design, but in return it will arrive earlier than expected.

The cheap iPhone comes early

The new third-generation cheap iPhone could arrive earlier than expected, in a very short time if you consider 2021 to the drips. The low cost iPhone, which could be called iPhone SE 2022, could arrive in the first quarter of next year, then in the period between January and March 2022.

To be convinced, so much so as to spread the news to the press, is the Taiwanese research company TrendForce, which claims to have had information pointing to a release of the new iPhone cheap right by the end of March. The company has not limited itself to the period within which the low-cost iPhone should be reality, but has also shared some of the information obtained.

The indiscretion has been enriched by the words of TrendForce, which has made it known: "We expect the third-generation iPhone SE to help Apple a lot to establish itself among the producers of mid-range 5G smartphones. In 2022, Apple is expected to produce between 25 and 30 million units of the next-generation iPhone SE."

Not a small number of units then, confirming that Apple believes quite a lot in the capabilities of the next low-cost iPhone, despite the fact that it seems it won't be a device with a modern design.

New low cost iPhone, what it will look like

According to the information shared in recent weeks, in fact, the iPhone SE 2022 will continue to rely on the design (perhaps too much) proven iPhone 7, with significant bezels around the screen but with the presence (still welcome for many) of the physical fingerprint reader, Touch ID.

The display of the new iPhone economic would therefore continue to be 4.7 inches diagonal, but the main novelty would be represented by compatibility with 5G networks, a novelty that in fact at the moment seems to be the only one to have pushed Apple to the design of a new low cost iPhone.

The 5G would arrive thanks to a change in "control room": away with the excellent Apple A13 Bionic of the predecessor to make room for the recent (and powerful) A15 Bionic, the same chip that distinguishes the iPhone 13 range. In short, the next iPhone SE will be cheap but not for this reason it will be prevented from leaving at the pole several mid-range competitors.