The new cheap iPhone will turn the phone market upside down

According to an analysis by JP Morgan, the upcoming iPhone SE 2022 could attract many more Android users than in the past thanks to the Trade-In, here's how many

Apple iPhones are considered by many to be the best smartphones on the market, but not everyone can afford to spend certain amounts of money to buy a bitten apple phone. However, in recent years, many Android users have been tantalized by the possibility of having a low-cost iPhone, thanks to the introduction of SE models by the Cupertino giant. And many more, it seems, could be tempted next year.

To make this hypothesis even more concrete, in fact, there will be in 2022 the debut of the new iPhone SE 3 (or iPhone SE 2022, as it could be called) that, in addition to a low price, will be able to rely on many cutting-edge features, now become typical of the most common models of Android smartphones even at the low end, such as support for 5G networks. But what will allow Apple to further attract current Android users will be, according to analysts, the "Trade-In", i.e. the trade-in service for used devices that will allow buyers to save significant amounts of money on the purchase of the cheapest device in the range. According to the latest leaked information, we can already get an idea of how iPhone SE 3 will be made and how much it will cost by trading in an Android.

Why iPhone SE 3 will be so important

In addition to the extremely competitive price compared to all other Apple models, the new iPhone SE 3 will become even cheaper thanks to the Trade-In service, which allows you to trade-in your smartphone to save on the purchase of the new one.

Although the trade-in value of Android phones doesn't reach the same figures as that of iPhones, in light of the relatively low price of the iPhone SE 3 it could still result in a final average price of between $269 (about €238) and $399 (about €354), depending on the variant.

According to analysts at JP Morgan, this should allow Apple to potentially attract 1.4 billion green robot users, who at these figures could be persuaded by the idea of owning a cheap, but still very good Apple model like the iPhone SE 3. In addition, about 300 million iPhone owners could be pushed to replace their old phone with the new one.

These numbers suggest a big success for iPhone SE 2022. In fact, it is estimated to sell around 30 million units of iPhone SE 3 next year, boosting Apple's overall model sales significantly.

What iPhone SE 3 will look like

According to the latest rumors, the iPhone SE 3 should already be ready and could debut right in the first quarter of 2022, hence the name iPhone SE 2022. The smartphone is expected to continue to maintain the iPhone 7 design and is expected to make use of the side-mounted fingerprint unlock system.

As far as the display is concerned, the budget iPhone will once again feature a 4.7-inch diagonal LCD panel, but the real news is support for 5G networks. Under the shell, the iPhone SE is expected to adopt the recent A15 Bionic chipset, whose power won't make Apple's flagship models regret it and will be significantly higher than many similarly priced Android devices.

As for the list price, Trede-In excluded, a hint may come from iPhone SE 2, which to date remains the cheapest iPhone produced by the company: 494 euros in the 64 GB version, we can expect more or less a similar price for iPhone SE 3 since the first iPhone SE of 2016 also cost this figure.