The new chip MediaTek Dimensity 2000 will be a low cost bomb

MediaTek would have ready the "bomb" for 2022: it is the Dimensity 2000, top of the range chip that will make war on Qualcomm and Samsung

MediaTek for some years has remained active only in the home market, the Chinese, leaving the competition as the best chip manufacturer to Qualcomm and Samsung. For some time now, however, the manufacturer has returned to appear in the West, and has done so in style with the recent line of chips called Dimensity.

It took a short time for the "big" names of technology to take note of the excellent compromise reached by MediaTek chips between performance and cost, the first high and very low the second. So, in our parts, one of the last known products to marry the philosophy of MediaTek was OnePlus, which has chosen the Dimensity 1200 for the recent Nord 2. The first impressions have been more than positive, and have re-launched the name of MediaTek among the best manufacturers of today's semiconductors. Now, understandably, the company is aiming to challenge competitors in the highest segment of the market, and judging by rumors there would already be a project in quite an advanced stage, that of the Dimensity 2000.

Almost derisory cost for performance

When MediaTek updated investors on its latest financial results last month, it said in no uncertain terms that by the end of 2021 it would present a high-end chip, and according to well-informed rumors we'll know this project as Dimensity 2000, about which there are already previews.

And if the high-performance chip, which we'll call Dimensity 2000 according to rumors, will arrive by the end of the year, the first smartphone made on this basis we might not see before mid-2022. There are also rumors about the industrial cost of the top of the range MediaTek chip, which would be contained in about 3,000 yuan, at current exchange rate not even 400 euros.

Taking into account only the industrial costs, the natural competitor of the MediaTek Dimensity 2000 would be the Snapdragon 870 from Qualcomm, a mid-range chip that, in fact, takes many of the design specifications used by the Snapdragon 865, the best of the range 2020 Qualcomm. An update of a chip not of the first rank, with which the Dimensity 2000 would compete only for the price.

Turning to the performance in fact emerges as the Dimensity 2000 would not compete with the Snapdragon 870, compared to which would be much higher. According to rumors, the next top-of-the-line MediaTek could rival on par with the Snapdragon 898, i.e. the flagship chip that Qualcomm will make official in December in view of 2022.

The 2022 could be the year of MediaTek

Some rumors even suggest superior performance of the Dimensity 2000, but in any case it seems that the CPU of the latter will have superior performance to that of the Snapdragon 898, comparable performance in terms of GPU to that of the same component of Snapdragon 888, and an efficiency compared to the latter significantly higher, although the term of comparison is not too challenging because notoriously one of the weaknesses of the Snapdragon 888 is precisely the efficiency.

The Dimensity 2000 would therefore be, judging by the latest rumors, a rival more than fearsome for the leadership of Qualcomm in the West, and could have a huge impact on sales of the American company, especially because if the performance will be comparable and the price much lower could be not a few companies that will knock on the door of MediaTek.