The new iPhone SE arrives in 2022, but also in 2023

IPhone SE, Apple's budget smartphone, will have a successor but it won't come soon as many hoped: a first model in 2022, then another in 2023.

iPhone SE is always one of the most beloved models in Apple's range and the reason is simple: it's the budget iPhone, the low cost one that (almost) everyone can afford. It will be so even with the next version, which will not arrive this year. The latest rumors, in fact, confirm those already heard months ago: no iPhone SE in 2021.

It is convinced Ross Young, analyst at DisplaySearch, who shared on Twitter some information of which he has recently come into possession. According to Young, Apple will not update the iPhone SE this year, but will do so in both 2022 and 2023. The latter, the iPhone SE 2023, will be the most interesting because it will have a larger screen and, finally, will bring a long-awaited novelty by Apple users: it will say goodbye to the rectangular notch, in favor of the hole in the screen now so popular in the Android world. Here, then, what the iPhone SE 2022 and iPhone SE 2023 will look like.

iPhone SE 2022: what it will look like

According to Ross Young, the next iPhone SE 2022, the one coming next year will continue to have the typical feature of cheap iPhones: the LCD screen. A screen that will also have the same size as the current iPhone SE, that is 4.7 inches.

So it will be a small smartphone, compared to the average of current devices (even the cheapest ones), and this will not please many users who, instead, would like a cheap but large iPhone.

Young also says that there is a possibility, but not yet the certainty, that iPhone SE 2022 will be compatible with 5G, at least with the Sub-6 GHz one. That is, 5G with the best range, but with lower peak speeds.

iPhone SE 2023: what it will look like

Turning to the iPhone SE 2023, however, there is much less news. This is not surprising given that this device will arrive in two years and, in just two years, anything and everything can happen in the world of electronics. Making predictions like this in the long run, therefore, is not at all easy.

According to Ross Young, Apple's budget iPhone for 2023 will finally be bigger, about 6.1 inches in screen size, and will have an on-screen hole for the center camera instead of the notch of the current model.