The new LG OLED Smart TV with mobile speakers looks like a painting

LG has made official a luxury Smart TV with several exclusive features and a fine design: here's what it looks like

LG has unveiled a luxury Smart TV, 65ART90, a new addition to its OLED evo Object Collection range. A "collector's item" to literally translate the words of LG, which also used the definition art object design, that is an artistic object of design. In short, LG has not used half-measures in defining the range of products in which the new 65ART90 fits perfectly.

After all, this is a product on which the designers have not skimped in terms of materials. LG 65ART90 features a metal frame that allows you to place it on the floor, place it on the wall or fix it exactly as you would any other Smart TV. In short, design element "precious" yes, but at the same time functional to the most convenient installation in the target environment. Under the screen itself there is the second element that differentiates LG 65ART90 from the competition: a speaker system 4.2 from 80 watts of sound power, all "hidden" behind a panel of Kvadrat fabric, so to speak the same used on TV roll up.

Sliding mechanism by design

Already, with the cover in beige, green, or redwood color, LG's luxury Smart TV would be quite exclusive, but the designers have gone further.

The cover in fact has a motorized mechanism that allows it to move upward until it overlaps the screen when not in use. Overlapping but not completely, because it is left uncovered a small portion of the same that allows you to keep in sight the "essential" information that you most want to have at your fingertips, such as date and time or weather forecast, or even information related to the piece of music that you may decide to listen.

When the customer calls to action the LG Smart TV luxury, the motorized mechanism slides down the panel in Kvadrat with the speakers to free the view of the 65-inch screen. It is clear, in short, that the new LG 65ART90 Smart TV is more than just a TV, but also the potentially ideal piece of furniture for any room.

Features and prices

On the technical side - because LG 65ART90, however fascinating and functional, is still a TV - , it is a Smart TV with a 65-inch diagonal 10-bit evo OLED panel, with 4K Ultra HD resolution with refresh rate at 100 / 120 Hz. It possesses the Alfa 9 Gen4 AI Processor chip combined with top-notch technical specifications: support for HDR10, HLG, Dolby Vision and Dolby Vision IQ, OLED Motion Pro technology that optimizes fast-moving images and the webOS 6.0 operating system.

From the point of view of inputs, nothing is missing: there are four HDMI 2.1, all of them capable of conducting the signal in 4K Ultra HD at 120 Hz. For the moment, the availability of LG 65ART90 is limited to South Korea where it is proposed for the equivalent of about 7,500 euros. We wait to see if it will also arrive in Europe, where however we can expect higher prices due to taxes and logistics costs.