The new lowcost operators challenging Iliad: here are the ones

From Very Mobile to Spusu Mobile, here are all the new mobile operators that are ready to challenge Iliad and win new customers

The Italian telephony market is in great turmoil. The year 2020 has opened with the launch of Very Mobile, the low-cost virtual operator of Wind-Tre and with the probable arrival in the coming weeks of Spusu, an Austrian operator that wants to conquer the Italian market with offers calibrated on the needs of users. We must not forget, moreover, the merger between Wind and Tre that will lead to the birth of the new operator W3. What do all these new operators have in common? Challenging Iliad.

Since May 2018, the month in which Iliad made its official debut on the Italian market, the world of telephony has changed face, profoundly. Iliad had the merit and the courage to bet on features and services that other operators did not propose, such as clear and fixed prices forever and no hidden costs. Characteristics that have been "taken up" by the low-cost operators launched in recent months: Kena (owned by Tim), (owned by Vodafone) and also by Very Mobile, which on its website does not hide its intentions: "The extra costs are just a memory. With us you have zero surprises: no unexpected consumption. We are very transparent".

If the telephony market is in great turmoil, to take advantage of it are certainly the users who can choose between an increasingly rich offer that adapts to their needs. Here are the new lowcost operators that are revolutionizing the telephony market in 2020.

Very Mobile, offers, coverage and activation costs

Very Mobile made its debut on the Italian market on February 27, 2020 with a very interesting lowcost offer: 4.99 euros per month with unlimited minutes and SMS and 30 gigs of data traffic (with limited download speed). The price is only valid for the first 20,000 subscriptions. Very Mobile relies heavily on the fact that there are no hidden costs and that the price also includes premium services such as "I've been looking for you", "RingMe" and "Hotspot". The cost of activating the SIM card is 5 euros for those coming from other virtual operators, Iliad and Fastweb. While for customers Wind-Tre, Vodafone and Tim the price rises to 25 euros. The activation cost could increase by another 19 euros in the case of triangulations made in the last month.

As mentioned Very Mobile is the low-cost operator of Wind-Tre and relies on its Network, with a coverage of 99% of the Italian territory. Very Mobile is also present on Google Play Store and App Store with an app that allows you to activate your SIM card and manage your tariff plan.

Spusu Mobile, the Austrian operator that wants to surprise

Not only Very Mobile. In the next few weeks or at most a few months Spusu Mobile, the Austrian operator that has obtained the license to operate also in Italy, should make its debut. For the moment there is no news about possible offers, but one thing is certain: Spusu Mobile will offer a unique customer service, as already happens in Austria. The operator should rely on the Wind-Tre network. Spusu has also launched the official website and it is only missing the launch of the first offers for the official debut.

Wind-Tre goodbye, comes the new operator W3

Wind and Tre are close to the merger. After a work started five years ago, the two operators are ready to become a company with millions of customers and able to become a reference point for the Italian market. According to the latest rumors, the launch was set for March 6, but the outbreak of the Coronavirus in Italy could push things back a few weeks. What does it change for Wind and Tre users? Little or nothing, except that they will be able to rely on a network that covers 99% of the Italian territory and already able to support 5G. And just the 5G will be one of the novelties on which will focus the new brand W3 (at least so it should be called).

Iliad, revolution in action

And Iliad what does it do? Does it remain to watch the arrival of new operators ready to nibble away at some of the market shares that it has so painstakingly gained in this year and a half? Certainly not. The fourth Italian operator has many very interesting projects in the pipeline, starting with the 5G network that should make its debut in the coming months or early next year. Iliad, moreover, also has another project on which it is working: to become a fixed network operator. It is a project that will take shape in the coming years, but on which CEO Benedetto Levi has assured the maximum commitment. And the same philosophy as always: clear and fixed prices without any hidden costs.