The new Pokemon have arrived: Togepi and Pichi available in eggs

The new batch of Pokemon has finally arrived: Niantic has confirmed that it will be possible to find two new Pokemon in eggs. News for Pikachu

We anticipated it a few days ago, and now the confirmation from Niantic and Nintendo: the new Pokemon have arrived. Since the day of release of Pokemon GO, all fans had been clamoring for more animals to capture.

At the moment, the new Pokemon added are Togepi and Pichi, but Niantic has assured that in the coming days more will be added, all belonging to the region of Johto. In order to catch the new Pokemon you will need to hatch the eggs and hope to find them inside. The new Pokemon are part of the first two versions of Pokémon Gold Version and Pokémon Silver Version. With the new arrivals, the number of animals to capture increases and by a lot, giving users the opportunity to return to roam the cities in search of Pokemon.

Pikachu in Christmas version

But the new Pokemon are not the only news that Niantic and Nintendo have reserved for users. In fact, the two companies have announced that for the arrival of the Christmas holidays will be possible to meet Pikachu in Santa Claus version. The possibility of meeting the Pokemon in Christmas version will be increased and everyone will be able to try to capture it. The event will start at 7pm on December 12 and will end on December 29 at 8pm. As stated by Kei Kawai, producer of Niantic, the year that is about to end has been very important for the company, and the new updates are just a thank you for the support obtained for Pokemon GO. "2017 is already upon us and we can only feel gratitude for the support. We're excited to make more Pokémon available through Egg Hatching. We look forward to honoring the holidays with our community by introducing a Pikachu equipped with a holiday hat, which will give Trainers an additional opportunity to get outdoors and explore their neighborhoods with friends and family."

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