The new Samsung Galaxy S22 will be full of novelties, from the shape to the battery

Samsung plans to bring important novelties to the Galaxy S22 range, coming early next year: here's the latest from the rumors

Archived the iPhone 13 chapter that, as every year, has catalyzed the rumors of recent weeks, as well as the attentions of fans and press, the pocket technology sector can fully focus on the next most anticipated product, and the reference can only be to the Samsung Galaxy S22 range.

Samsung's top smartphones are always among the most anticipated, and this is demonstrated by the number of rumors about them. The first rumors date back several months ago, but now they are increasing in number in an attempt to reconstruct a comprehensive picture of the upcoming Samsung top of the range. And if recently we had the opportunity to test the performance through a raid on Geekbench, now is the leaker Ice Universe to take stock on Twitter about display, size, ergonomics and battery, putting together the information collected in recent days on the account of Galaxy S22 and S22 Ultra.

Samsung Galaxy S22 is on a diet

Samsung Galaxy S22 will undergo a slimming treatment that will lead it to be more compact than its main competitor, iPhone 13, and as well, of course, than Galaxy S21 and the last generations. According to Ice Universe, which is usually well-informed about what's going on around Seoul, where Samsung's headquarters are located, Galaxy S22 will have a 6.03-inch diagonal.

Galaxy S20 and Galaxy S21 have a 6.2-inch display, while iPhone 13 has a 6.1-inch one. The new dimensions combined with a predictable further optimization of space, then the reduction of black bezels around the screen, will likely lead to a decrease in size, to the benefit of ergonomics and convenience.

Not everyone likes products with a large display, and not of course because there are consumers who ignore the comfort of watching photos, videos and TV series on a large panel, but for the price to pay in terms of convenience. The challenge for manufacturers is to reach the ideal compromise, because extremes a la the iPhone 13 mini don't seem to be appreciated.

However smaller sizes imply sacrifices in terms of battery, and potentially even battery life. That's why it has long been rumored that Galaxy S22 could have a smaller battery size, with a capacity that should settle on 3,590 mAh from the current 3,880.

Galaxy S22 Ultra will change "shape"

The anticipations by Ice Universe also extend to the most equipped version of the range, Galaxy S22 Ultra, for which would be in the pipeline a change quite important.

The form factor, i.e. the ratio between height and width, should move to 19.3:9 from the current 20:9, which means - with the same diagonal of the display - getting a smartphone less high but wider, although Samsung could mitigate the dimensional changes by further limiting the bezels around the display.