The new series and movies coming to Netflix in June 2020

Summer is also coming to Netflix with a flurry of new movies and TV series for all tastes. Between original productions and cult titles, here's all the news!

Despite the end of Quarantine, the arrival of nice days and the possibility of getting out of the house for a trip or a few hours at the beach, Netflix continues to keep hooked on users on the couch and release new content. If you're part of that group of people who devote a few hours a day to a movie or a streaming series, then get your popcorn ready: the platform has announced what's new for June.

As always, titles will be released gradually throughout the month and are designed to please all tastes. Among the most anticipated TV series stands out the third season of Dark or the fourth of Thirteen. Alongside the renewals of famous TV shows, many titles will also debut, many of which are already popular abroad. One of the most anticipated series is the first season of Curon. For film lovers is coming Dunkirk, the film that won 3 Oscars.  But these are just a few examples. Here are some of the main news to mark on the calendar.

Netflix TV series coming out in June

As always, in the catalog of TV series we find both Netflix productions and other titles already popular or released in other countries. Let's start with the original Netflix titles.

On June 2, the fifth and final season of Mama's Friends was released, which tells the story of the Tanner family. On June 4, however, it is the turn of the first season of Mi Senti Senti? which tells the story of three friends and their adventures with their boyfriends and respective families. One of the most anticipated seasons is definitely Thirteen, coming out on June 5. Among the debuts on Netflix it is also worth mentioning Curon and Reality Z that will both be released on June 10, but also Summer of Death that will be released on June 12.

The fourth season of F is for Family is among the most interesting animated series distributed by Netflix. And on June 12, the fourth season will be released. It tells the story of the Murphy family and is set in the 1970s. The next day instead will be the turn of the new adventures of Alexa & Katye, two friends who together face the difficulties of the first years of high school. And speaking of school, users will get to know Mr. Iglesias better: the second season is coming on June 17. Finally, The Politician is coming on June 19 while Dark will be released on June 27.

Netflix: other June TV series

At the side of Netflix original titles, the platform will also release other series belonging to other productions or distributions. Again, the list is really long: in fact, several titles will be released in a single day. Let's see the most interesting ones.

First of all, fans of Modern Family will finally be able to watch on the channel the ninth season released on June 9. While those who follow the DC universe will be able to watch the fourth season of DC's Legends of Tomorrow, probably to compete with Disney + where instead you can watch all the movies and series of DC's direct competitors, or Marvel superheroes.

Another successful and very funny series is definitely New Girl: the seventh season will be released on June 9. Will also come out all seasons of 24, which tells the story of a federal agent engaged in foiling an attack. Finally, on June 30, the month will end in beauty: the seventeenth season of Family Guy will be released on Netflix.

Films coming out on Netflix in June

If the list of series is very long, the list of movies is certainly not less. Alongside famous films, which have received numerous awards, there are also many new releases. Let's see which are the most interesting ones.

Among the famous movies, many have conquered a generation: think for example of Gremlins, available from June 1. From the same date you can see Lego Batman - the movie, King Arthur - The Power of the Sword, A Blunt Bullet 33 ⅓ - The Final Insult, the Mercenaries 3, Into the Storm, Ready Player One and others.

Among the other movies coming by June, we also find Bleed, a biopic that tells the life of boxer Vinny Pazienza that will be released on June 7. For lovers of mystery and detective stories, the film Deceptions Online, in which a woman tries to warn her sister about a man who wants to scam her, could be interesting.

Choked: Money Talks, which will be released on June 5, 2020, tells the story of an employee who finds a source of money, perhaps inexhaustible. The list is still long - all you have to do is log on to the platform and discover all the new releases that have recently come out.