The new smartwatch for children, which also appeals to adults

The new Xiaomi Mi Rabbit is the ideal smartwatch to put in the place of the children: it has a whole range of interesting features and an affordable price

It is official in China the smartwatch Mi Rabbit Children's Learning Watch 5 Pro, which for convenience we will simply call Xiaomi Mi Rabbit, a smartwatch designed specifically for children. It is a smartwatch really interesting, so the hope is that it can also arrive in Italy or, at least,.

Of Xiaomi Mi Rabbit in fact may surprise the presence of two cameras, one obtained in the display and the other on the case, but there is nothing to worry about, indeed. Both are designed to offer parents adequate control of the child: the one in the notch serves to parents for video calls, the one in the case allows you to see what is around the wearer, and therefore be able to understand, if necessary, where the child is and who is around. Importantly, the presence of a system of detection of the position (GPS) very accurate, which can indicate to parents where the child is even if you are in a large place and covered, such as an airport or a shopping mall.

Xiaomi Mi Rabbit: how it is made

The new smartwatch Xiaomi Mi Rabbit is equipped with a 1.78-inch retina screen with a resolution of 448 x 368 pixels for a density of 326 pixels per inch, really very high for the average smartwatch. Let alone for a product intended for children

Because Xiaomi Mi Rabbit is a product designed for children, often hyperactive, and therefore potentially having to resist stress and shock of various kinds, the screen is protected by a first-rate glass, Corning's Gorilla Glass with a kind of surface coating in diamond, so particularly resistant to scratches, says Xiaomi.

There is a teardrop-shaped notch in the display in which the 13-megapixel front camera is housed, while there is a second 5-megapixel camera at the junction between the strap and the smartwatch case.

The technical equipment also includes 1 GB of RAM and 8 GB of storage space, useful because the Xiaomi Mi Rabbit supports a wide range of educational applications, which allow the child to use every moment to learn something new. It also has a heart rate detector with continuous monitoring that can send a notification the moment the rate reaches guarded levels.

Thanks to the sensor, Xiaomi Mi Rabbit allows you to monitor a variety of sports and recreational activities, such as jumping rope, skating, mountaineering, outdoor running and cycling, and so on.

Being a product for the time being intended for the Chinese market, Xiaomi Mi Rabbit supports a number of apps and services widely used in the motherland, including instant messaging apps such as WeChat, QQ that the parent can as well disable through the Mi Rabbit app.

Xiaomi Mi Rabbit: how much does it cost

Xiaomi Mi Rabbit for the moment is available only in China at a very affordable price: they are 1,299 yuan, which at current exchange rates are about 175 euros.

If it were to arrive in our parts - and for the moment there are no concrete indications - it will certainly cost more because of taxes and higher logistics costs.