The next Apple Macs and iPhones will be incredible

If the rumors coming from the Far East turn out to be true, then 2022 will be a year to remember for Apple and for all its fans.

With the A14 Bionic chip of the iPhone 12 and with the M1 Silicon of the new MacBook, Mac mini and iPad Pro Apple has surprised everyone by offering products with great power but, at the same time, also with great energy efficiency. Thanks to the new chips, especially the M1, Apple devices have solved most of their autonomy problems: they consume much less than competitors.

Justified, therefore, the great expectations for the successors of these processors: A15 Bionic and M2 (or M1X, as perhaps we could call the successor to M1) and even more for the next generation, which will arrive by the end of 2022. To make everything even more interesting there are rumors coming from the Far East and, in particular, from the Apple supply chain (from which news often emerge very greedy). According to DigiTimes, for example, Apple's 2022 chips will be produced by TSMC with 3-nanometer technology. TSMC already produces A14 Bionic and M1, but with 5 nm technology.

How much 2 nanometers matter

To understand how important will be the transition from the current 5 nm to the future 3 nm just think of the difference in performance between the A13 processor of the iPhone 11 and the A14 of the iPhone 12: the first is produced at 7 nm, the second at 5 nm. The latter, compared to the former, is much more powerful and consumes much less power.

The move from 5 to 3 nm will bring a similar benefit: they speculate at least 10 percent higher performance and at least a 20 percent increase in energy efficiency.

What to expect from Apple

The reasoning to do, reading these rumors (which could become reality, but also not) are two: the first is that Apple will still use 5nm chips even on iPhone 13, now coming, the second is that the next Macs with the successor of M1 will be nothing short of incredible.

As for the first reasoning: there are many who believe that iPhone 13 will not be revolutionary, but iPhone 14 will be. That's why Apple is already trying to dispose of unsold iPhone 12 stocks by cutting the prices of some models. As for the future Macs with M2 (or M1X) there is little to say: expect an even longer battery life and a computing capacity never seen before on consumer products.

All this several months in advance of all direct competitors.