The next foldable smartphone will be Honor Magic X

Honor is reportedly ready to debut its first foldable smartphone, which could be called Magic X or Magic Fold: everything we know

Since Honor escaped, despite itself, from the hands of Huawei to avoid the consequences of the US ban, under the leadership of a string of Chinese entrepreneurs the company has literally been reborn. It's back to making smartphones, something Huawei is no longer able to do as well as it once did due to the star-spangled sanctions, and the recent top-of-the-line Honor Magic3 is proof of that.

Now it seems Honor has every intention of making up for the time and opportunities lost from months of forced "downtime." The company flies from one project to another, and after presenting the Magic3 has immediately sling on a new adventure, even more ambitious: the foldable smartphone. Producing them is certainly not a walk in the park from the technical point of view, and the difficulties suffered at the beginning by a giant like Samsung with the first generation of Galaxy Z Fold are still burning in the memories of the Korean company. Honor, however, does not seem afraid of the challenges (also because the new foldable Samsungs are having a lot of success), and it has been rumored for some time of the possibility that it may launch, moreover in a short time, its first foldable smartphone that will enrich the Magic line.

The (alleged) design of Honor Magic X

For the moment it is known as Honor Magic X, a name that evokes that of the first foldable of the "parent" Huawei, the Mate X. Recently, a usually reliable tipster - Rodent 950 is the name by which he's known on the web - shared new information about Honor's foldable project, adding that it will arrive by the end of 2021.

Great news for those who believe in the benefits of competition between different manufacturers, with Honor having a say at a high level as it probably never has in the past. The informant has shared the alleged images of the Honor Magic X project, which as always in these cases should be taken with a grain of salt.

The alleged Honor Magic X offers itself to fans with a design of the rear surface reminiscent of another product of the company, that Honor 50 made official in June of which takes in particular the rounded lines of the camera group.

The external display, which some might call service but in the end is not at all being very large (6.5 inches), has a hole that, by extension, seems to be able to accommodate as many as two cameras for selfies, and by appearance again similar to the solution adopted on Honor 50.

The 8-inch display, chip and debut

Once opened "to book", of Honor Magic X strikes the absence of any interruption of the large screen by way of tablet (9 inches): no notch now outdated and never really accepted by many fans, no holes in the screen, for a display that is certainly not interrupted by any component, and that could also conceal a built-in camera retractable, as seen on Xiaomi Mix 4 or, to stay on the foldable, on Galaxy Z Fold3.

There's no information about it yet, so it's also possible that Honor has decided to simplify the design further by removing the cameras altogether, and leaving only the two on the external display for selfies and video calls. The chip should be the Snapdragon 888, perhaps in Plus variant. Debut expected between October and December 2021, in time for Christmas shopping.