The Nokia lowcost cell phone with Android: how it will be

Nokia would be working on a lowcost cell phone with pre-installed Android: here's how it will be and the characteristics of the device

Android arrives even on mobile phones old style. The news is not yet official, but on the U.S. site 9To5Google appeared an image of a cell phone with Android installed. It's certainly not news that Google wants to bring its mobile operating system on an increasing number of devices and the target chosen are precisely the low-cost cell phones.

For the moment the information is really reduced to the bone, but you can make assumptions about the characteristics of the device. Let's start by saying that the phone should be produced by Nokia together with HMD Global, the company that produces the Finnish giant's Android smartphones. The phone seems to be very similar to models already on the market as the Nokia 150, a cell phone that can be purchased for just over thirty euros and that ensures an autonomy of at least one week. In addition to a screen just over one inch, we also find the physical keyboard and a front-facing camera.

When will the Nokia Android cell phone arrive on the market? Hard to say. The user who posted the image preferred anonymity and did not release any additional information. The cell phone with Android embedded is still in the testing phase and most likely it will take 2020 before it is launched on the market.

Nokia cell phone with Android: the characteristics

The photo published on 9To5Google certainly does not help to understand the technical data sheet of the phone. Doubts also about the fact that it is made by Nokia: on the front there is no logo of the Finnish company. The only elements that reconnect the phone to Nokia are the lines of the device and the button in the center of the keyboard.

The most interesting feature of the Nokia phone remains the presence of Android. The image published on the U.S. site helps us to understand how the interface will be. In the home will be a strip at the bottom with the most useful apps (Camera, YouTube, Google Chrome), while to enter the drawer just press the button in the middle of the keyboard. According to rumors, Google Assistant should also be installed by default.

When will Android arrive on mobile phones

It's hard to make a prediction about the release of an ad hoc version of Android for cell phones. Google is working on it, but we don't know the timing: probably we'll have to wait until next year. The goal of Big G is to increase its market sphere and to reach the population groups that can not spend a high amount of money for a smartphone. A cell phone with Android will cost no more than 30-40 euros. 

Google is already making investments in this sense: for smartphones it has launched Android Go, an optimized version of the operating system designed especially for low performance devices. On the cell phone front, it has also invested over $50 million in KaiOS, an emerging operating system found on some Nokia phones, such as the Nokia 8810.