The Paper House, renewal on the way? What we know

Netflix is working on renewals for several TV series, including La Casa di Carta 5. Here's when filming is expected to begin

Renewal time for Netflix. The video streaming platform has announced in recent weeks the arrival of new seasons for its most successful TV series, but there is still nothing official about La Casa di Carta. Many rumors have come out in recent weeks about the start of filming and when the new season should come out, but nothing has leaked yet from the producers and Netflix.

Renewal is not in question: The House of Paper is Netflix's most successful TV series and it's impossible that there won't be at least one more season (in theory, two more should come to complete the story arc). But the later the renewal comes, the later the filming of the fifth part of the TV series will start, with a natural delay in terms of its arrival on the platform as well. The sure thing, however, is that all the protagonists have already been warned that filming is expected to resume soon and that the script will be adapted to the rules for respecting social distancing. This could make it complicated to record some scenes, but they are trying to find an acceptable compromise.

The House of Paper 5, the renewal will be there

Alex Pina, the creator of The House of Paper, has already announced that he is working on the script of the fifth season and that he has ready the script of the sixth one as well. So, doubts that there will be a renewal are really minimal. Some more doubt there may be on how the story will evolve. The Covid-19 and the rules to be followed to respect the social distancing could create problems. And not only in The House of Paper 5. Even actors and writers of other TV series, such as Sex Education, have expressed their doubts about how the story will be adapted to the pandemic.

As for La Casa di Carta 5, even in the absence of an official renewal by Netflix, which however should come soon, filming will begin in the coming weeks. And everything will start again from the Paris Plan with which the last episode of the fourth season ended.

Netflix, more renewals in sight

Not only La Casa di Carta. Netflix is also working to announce renewals for other TV series that are highly anticipated by users. Ozark, the crime TV series that has received great feedback from critics, is also expected to continue with a fourth season, which, however, could be the last. Warrior Nun, one of July 2020's new releases, is expected to receive a renewal for a second season. Instead, it is already official, the renewal for the sixth and final season of Lucifer 6.