The perfect tablet models for work

The tablets for work must have a good memory capacity and battery that lasts long, There are many models on the market, Apple and WIndows.

If you are looking for a good tablet to use for work and do not know which one to buy, then read our very fresh tips 2019. The guide below can help you find the right device for your needs. Nowadays, with the advent of the web world, many different new professions have arisen that work only on the Internet and therefore constantly need the latest devices, including tablets and PCs. Choosing the right tool is not easy, that's why we decided to help you.

First you need to take into account the capacity of the memory, the operating system, the screen resolution and also the performance on autonomy, these are the main things to inquire about now. A capacious memory in the tablet is definitely preferable, as a very good autonomy if we do not always have the opportunity to charge the device because we often work outside the office. On the market there are many tablets today, both Android and Apple and Windows. Let's see which are the best for work.

The best tablets for work in 2019

The first is Microsoft Surface Pro 6, it is the sequel to Surface Pro 4 has been improved the battery that now lasts up to 32% more than its ancestor. It is also considered one of the best tablets for drawing, its design is very refined, thin and light, also providing a lot of energy. The headboard has also been revamped and improved, so that the device is also suitable and brilliant for the working world. It can also be used as a laptop replacement and is available in a range of different technical features that makes it easy to choose the right model for work. Among its advantages are the high battery life and comfortable keyboard, on the other hand the Surface pen style is not included and only the Core i7 model is comparable to the power of iPad Pro.

It is the turn of Apple iPad Pro, the largest tablet made by Apple. Lots of different accessories that have been created, they are optional and add to the cost of the tablet, but the keyboard cover and Apple Pencil stylus make this tablet even more suitable for those who decide to buy it for work and also for the most creative users. Apple's new split-screen multitasking is also available, making for an exceptional and powerful tablet that offers a wide range of apps for work. Unfortunately, the battery doesn't last long but it is really super powerful and has a very large screen.

Let's now look at Lenovo ThinkPad X1, one of the best convertible devices we find on the market. It is very thin and portable and offers many unique features. First we can say that it has all the signs that distinguish it as an original ThinkPad, among them we can mention the color scheme, Trackpoint, finish, Accutype key shape, logo on the back and many others. It is one of the best tablets for work, fans love it, but not everyone is willing to spend so much. Among the advantages we can count the modular design, among the disadvantages, however, precisely the high cost and battery life is not exactly exceptional.

The last tablet that we feel to recommend for work is the Microsoft Surface Pro 4, an exceptional device that has a screen with a high resolution, a very thin design compared to those previously offered on the market and also Intel Skylake processors more powerful than in the past, making it one of the best tablets to work, it is considered a valid alternative to the laptop, if you often work outside the office. The Type Cover headboard is still optional, despite the fact that it's really necessary to use the tablet to its fullest, and this is a downside for the Microsoft Surface Pro 4, despite the fact that the keyboard on this fourth model version has been greatly improved, and this is a much-loved advantage, as is the high screen. The intel Core m3 is low-end, and together with the fact that the Type Cover is seen separately, this is a disadvantage.