The PlayStation 5 challenges the Xbox Series X: the features

Riscretions continue to come out about the features of the PlayStation 5 in comparison to the Xbox Series X. Here's which one is the best

Theoretically there are now very few days left until the presentation of the PlayStation 5: everyone believes that Sony will present its nextgen console on February 5, but there is still nothing official.Although the wait is now short, however, continue to come out rumors and leaks from the most disparate sources on this console and, in particular, on its technical characteristics in comparison with those of direct competitor Microsoft Xbox Series X.

The latest rumor we owe it to Tidux, a Swedish gamer who has a YouTube channel and a Twitter account. On the former he has just 500 subscribers, but on the latter he has almost 14 thousand followers. According to Tidux, the PlayStation 5 will be superior to the Xbox Series X in many technical aspects. These features would be certain, according to Tidux, because they are taken from the "dev kits" of the PlayStation 5 that have already been distributed to game developers. The dev kits, or development kits, are nothing more than pre-production versions of the console delivered to those who make video games. The first titles, therefore, are always developed based on the dev kits in order to be able to come out simultaneously with the launch of the new console. As a result, they can't be very far, in terms of features and performance, from the actual console that will be put on the market.

PS5 Vs Xbox Series X

Let's get to the point and see who wins and who loses, between PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X. According to Tidux, the two consoles will have a substantially equivalent CPU and the Xbox Series X will have a GPU more powerful by about 20% (in practice 2 TeraFlops more: 12 vs 10.1). The PlayStation 5, on the other hand, would be superior to the Microsoft console in terms of RAM (both in size and bandwidth), SSD drive (larger and faster) and overall performance. According to Tidux, therefore, the PS5 is superior to the Xbxx Series X in almost everything.

Reliable rumors?

The problem with rumors like those published by Tidux is always the same: are they reliable or are they based on nothing just to have a bit of visibility? The answer we will have only at the actual launch of the PS5, in the meantime we can only note that on Twitter the answers are polarized: there are those who think that Tidux is reliable and those who point out that in the past he has made predictions that turned out to be completely wrong. Like when he wrote that Death Stranding, the latest video game produced by Hide Kojima, would never arrive on PC (it will be available in the summer of 2020).